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When I was about 13, I took a bus from Orillia to Montreal with a friend to see the Canadiens for my first time. It was the original Forum before it was renovated in 1968, and I remember there were pillars throughout that caused obstructed views and I remember thinking that I was glad I wasn’t sitting behind one.

I also took a picture of Toe Blake’s Tavern on Rue Ste. Catherines, which is now long gone. (The tavern, not the street.)

On the bus ride back to Orillia, older guys were passing booze around and when my dad picked me up at the bus station, I was in rough shape.

A thirteen-year old kid with a hangover.


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  1. Hey Dennis, I was thirty five when my first trip to the forum happened, it was in Feb. of 94 and it was the first game after the lockout. I was super excited to be inside and ride the hockey stick escalator, amazing how even at thirty five you can still get as excited as a young boy. The only tickets I could get were standing room only but that wasn’t to bad as they set up a portable bar right behind me and my buddy from Ottawa, well made it a little better. The Habs lost that game 7-0 against Phillidelphia, but I was in the forum and nothing else mattered.

  2. Yeah I had the opportunity to go to a game at the Forum in 1973, we were on a basketball excursion from high school which featured a tournament in Montreal. We were from Winnipeg and a friend of mine and myself were staying at his cousin’s home in Point Claire and were offered tickets to a game, although I can’t remember who was playing but we turned them down to go to a house party which was being hosted by one of our classmates who had moved to Montreal recently.
    Myself being such a big Habs fan have regretted it ever since. Although I guess we had fun at the party but I do not recall to much of it. Now if we went to the game I would most likely have vivid memories of the game and the Forum for ever. Oh well made it up a few years back when we went to see Pittsburgh and Boston at the Bell Centre. Both games we won…still have the memories.
    I believe the girl who was hosting the party became a famous actress.

  3. Scott, I mostly remember the three pillars on each side and the big British Consols scoreboard. But more than anything, I remember seeing the CHs at centre ice and after the game we walked down to ice level and I saw them close up and it was magic to me. We were standing near the corridor when the trainers started wheeling out the duffel bags on carts and it was around then an usher told us it was time to go.I also remember being surprised that their red sweaters had sort of an orange tint to them and I went back to school and told everyone that the red sweaters were sort of orange. The seats might have been brown. I don’t remember the Forum being very colourful at that time but it sure didn’t matter.

  4. Yes you are correct the sweaters from the 50’s. The 1959 – 60 edition especially with the wide blue band and the CH inside the blue and white stripes. The supplier was from Montreal L.J.Parent and Fils Ltee.

    The Forum was not very colourful indeed but the team was in so many ways.

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