A Happy Bunch

Circa 1954 Canadiens’ players, wives and girlfriends get together at Butch Bouchard’s Cabaret to enjoy some pops and chuckles.

Bouchard (in glasses), Maurice and Lucille Richard, Ken Mosdell, Doug Harvey, Elmer Lach and the rest of this happy bunch let off some steam during those glorious days when the Habs were close to embarking on five straight Stanley Cups.

Harvey’s in the forefront at the head of the table, and just behind Bouchard and to Elmer Lach’s left is Gerry McNeil with wife Theresa.

At the back, being served by the waiter, appears to be Bernie Geoffrion (with Marlene), and Ken Mosdell is directly across from Boomer.


10 thoughts on “A Happy Bunch”

  1. A superb photo.
    Thanks a lot.

    Except for the kid, top, at the end of the table, left of Boum Boum, I can put a name on each of them.

    At 3 o’clock, right to the Rocket : PAUL MEGER.
    Left of Captain Bouchard : GERRY McNEIL.

    Of course, 1954 : I saw those marvelous Habs played at the Forum.

    I’m not bragging : I’m old enough !



  2. Hi Pierre. Thanks. Yes, I mentioned McNeil and his wife, but I didn’t know it was Meger beside Rocket. Originally I thought it was Callum MacKay.

  3. In 1954, «Baldy» MacKay had already given a large part of his hair to science !
    I like your photo as a kid ! I’ll try to find mine, posing in full CH uniform, in the kitchen, near the fridge.

  4. And there’s that rumour :

    Flower might have received a few hair from Baldy’s batch !


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