A Habs’ Loss, And No Storm Squad

I looked for them during the game and couldn't find them.

It was a night of great saves by both Cam Ward and Peter Budaj, and in the end, it was another Habs unwanted point in a 2-1 Hurricanes shootout win.

It was a game that gave the Canadiens last place overall in the east, third last in the league at this point, and it’s back to what we know best – losing and not scoring, especially on the power play, after a great game the night before against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Montreal was a tremendously sad 0 for 7 with the man-advantage, the Desharnais line was shut down, and the cameras never once showed the Carolina Hurricane cheerleading Storm Squad, a spectacle I don’t mind seeing as long as it’s not at the Bell Centre. I just enjoy the jiggling and bouncing of the assets.

Peter Budaj and Cam Ward put on a show, foiling players left and right, with a little help the posts from time to time, but the big one was Ward on David Desharnais, when, with a wide open net, Desharnais fired it and Ward got the big paddle out. You’ll see it when you tune in any hockey highlights in the next 24 hours.

Montreal’s only goal came from Blake Geoffrion, his second of the season, when he swooped around the back of the net and found an opening. I’m sure grandpa Boom Boom scored many a goal like this. Boomer wasn’t just a one-trick pony, booming shots from the point on the power play. He was a gifted scorer and although Blake’s was a beauty tonight, I’m sure he’ll never come close to racking ’em up the way gramps did.

I can’t wait for the misery to end. This was game 81, and mercifully, only Toronto is left, a Saturday night tilt to close off this most embarrassing of seasons.

No wonder I drink.

Random Notes:

I thought Chris Campoli played a fine game, carrying and blocking pucks, and although this guy can have some bad nights, he’s still more effective than Tomas Kaberle.

Shots on goal – Montreal 31, Canes 29

Rene Bourque was…has…did……….never mind.

At one point it became a 4 on 3 Montreal power play, with as much open space as you’ll ever see, and two Canadiens still managed to run into each other.


5 thoughts on “A Habs’ Loss, And No Storm Squad”

  1. Except for the loser point both we and the Oilers got, everything went quite well tonight. All the other other pathetic teams won so we’re guaranteed to have at least the third pick before the lottery. And if we lose to the Leafs and the Oilers beat the Canucks we get the second pick. Now comes the dilemma, do we try to improve our draft or revel in Leaf bashing? Although I really want a big scoring centre, I’ll settle for having the memory of beating the Laffs fresh in my mind all summer. Maybe the lotto ball will come up with a CH.

  2. Although I have understood the intellectual relevance of tank, last night was the first time in my life that I have actually cheered for the enemy while the game was on…….. Very strange feeling. Very sadomasochist.

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