A Great Pick

It doesn’t take a special mind like Stephen Hawking or P.J. Stock to know that the Canadiens did tremendously well with their number three pick. I think we all feel it, if other Habs fans don’t mind me speaking for them a little.

Sarnia Sting coach Jacques Beaulieu, who had both Alex Galchenyuk and first-overall pick Nail Yakupov in his lineup, said Galchenyuk has what it takes to be a better player than Yakupov. It had been full speed ahead for Galchenyuk until he blew his knee out, but his knee is fine now and everyone knows it. It’s one of the reasons the NHL holds the Draft Combine – to get to the bottom of matters like this.

Heck, I think even Dr. Recchi would give him the green light if he examined him.

And as nice as it might have been to have a young stud defenceman like Ryan Murray added to the mix, Montreal is already grooming blueliners Jarred Tinordi and Nathan Beaulieu, the latter being the son of the Sarnia coach. It was time to go for the gusto. A future superstar. A player to warm the hearts of superstar-deprived Habs fans.

It’s the thought of a big and dominant centreman coming aboard that puts a smile on our faces. I don’t know how long it will be before the young fellow earns a spot with the big club, but I hope it’s soon. The sooner the new-look Habs train gets rolling down the tracks, the better.


5 thoughts on “A Great Pick”

  1. Aside from the CBC and TSN clowns, the hockey media likes the picks (check MSNBC’s comment “2nd day winner”), and I know two fans in Louisiana who are absolutely STOKED! I’m hyperventilating over Thrower just mauling Marchand… 108 days until the Habs crush Ottawa!

  2. You are not lumping Steven Hawking in with P.J are you? I didn’t think so . It would truly be a hit on Hawking…………..Oh, now I get it, I think

  3. Hobo, I was trying to be silly regarding the Hawking/Stock line. Just because the two are as far apart as can be.

  4. A lot of writers seem to be giving us an A+ for the draft. That’s a nice sign. When was the last time we ever got that?

    I love this pick but we probably won’t be seeing him for another year. I would love to see him on a line with Pacioretty and Cole! If it was this year I think I would jump for joy but I doubt it’ll happen. I can’t wait to see what Gallagher does as well.

  5. Darth, I read a story about how they’re going to give Galchenyuk a chance to make the team this year. so it’s up to him. Gallagher’s a great player and really offencive, but he’s so small. But 50 goals will make him much bigger.

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