A Good Time To Bring The Caps Back To Earth

Barack Obama may live in the same town as the Capitals, but we know who he’s cheering for.

Game day, with the Washington Capitals in Montreal, and I could say it could be a beauty but I could say it might not be either. Action-wise, that is. As long as the Habs win, however it happens, it’s a beauty.

Washington isn’t the offensive juggernaut we’ve seen since Alexander Ovechkin arrived on the scene. They have scored just five more goals than Montreal (189-184) on the season so far, and we all know the Habs aren’t exactly the 1976 version when it comes to filling nets.

The Caps have also allowed 182 goals as opposed to the Canadiens 172, but we have Carey Price in goal and the ultra-conservative Jacques Martin behind the bench so it’s not exactly rocket science. And Alex Ovechkin has netted just 28 goals so far, which is roughly half of what he ends up with every year.

And the coaches? Behind closed doors, Jacques Martin probably isn’t exactly a choir boy. On the other side, Bruce Boudreau, as we saw in the HBO special 24/7, says a couple of swear words now and again.

Washington is presently on an eight-game winning streak which might be a good thing for the the Habs. Winning streaks get stopped, and I can’t think of a better time than now. Just be aware, it might not be a barn-burner. (However, if it is a tremendously exciting game, forget I said this).

And if it’s not, you can amuse yourself by reading Bruce Boudreau’s lips when the camera’s on him.

11 thoughts on “A Good Time To Bring The Caps Back To Earth”

  1. Great article!

    I love that pic of President Obama. He looks so natural in it!
    Couldn’t agree with your assessment more. Streaks often come to an end around that 8 game mark … timing couldn’t be better for the Habs. Price should be flawless tonight too – our defense is very good at keeping the Caps to the outside.

    Looking forward to two points tonight!

  2. Max Pacioretty has Tweeted that he will be in attendance for tonight’s game at the Bell Centre to lend support to the team.

    Do you think someone will be getting a standing ovation?

  3. Danno, I think I’ll give him a standing O from my living room, just like I did for the Wiz.

  4. Hey Dennis,Well I think that a photo of Kadaffy in a Habs sweater would be more terrifying to the Caps roster then Obama,although I do like the fellow alot more then the bushman known as george.I hope for anyone who has relatives or loved ones in Japan that all is well with them,Phil I hope you and your family are ok.

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