A Good Driving Tip, And Prayers To The Big Coach In The Sky

We’re in Olympia, Washington, just south of Seattle, after driving for nine and a half hours from Redding, California. It’s raining cars and dogs, and at this point I offer a major tip of the day. Don’t drive through Portland and up to Seattle on a Friday afternoon.

You want a two hundred mile traffic jam? Welcome to this area on a Friday. The traffic here rivals anything Jay Leno rambles on about LA freeways.

We’ll be back in Powell River tomorrow. Although I’m ready to turn around and do it again.

A day earlier, in Monterey, before the madness began.

At this point, I wish upon a star that a miracle happens with Pat Burns. I know it doesn’t look good for the coach, but I want to wake up tomorrow and read that the man who guided our Habs in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s with grace, fire, bilingualism, and skill has taken a turn for the better.

4 thoughts on “A Good Driving Tip, And Prayers To The Big Coach In The Sky”

  1. pat burns…. a tough as nails, firey, no bullshit hockey man. the ultimate players coach. but pat was also gentle, intelligent, caring as a person and wise in a spiritual sense. an old soul if you will……….. i loved him even when he coached the leafs and wanted them to do reasonably well just because of him. now that’s saying something…… i have learned a lot about life from pat burns.

  2. I remember reading about a confrontation between Burns and John Kordic when they were both in Mtl. Kordic, who could be a little intimidating, barged into Burns` office to demand something or other and Burns threw an ashtray at him. Kordic made a hasty retreat. That`s how I remember it anyway. And Dennis, a road trip would be the perfect way to get through the last excruciatingly slow days leading up to the start of training camp. Rock and roll!

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