A Good Day To Get Lost In Montreal

I had no idea that Monday was Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day in Quebec and so things in the heart of Montreal were quiet. For locals I suppose.

I can’t imagine when it’s busy. Luci and I were ready to find a street corner drug dealer.

I understand my GPS was screwed up because it seems there’s construction on every second street downtown and that will do it, but I had more trouble working my way around the inner core than I anticipated. It was completely different for me to come into downtown from Brossard in the south than when I used to show up from Ottawa in the east for a ballgame or hockey game years ago.

Different highway. Different directions. Different entrance.

Different way my brain cells can dissolve.

But I’ll get the hang of it quickly. I’m an adjuster.

Anyway, it kind of makes me proud that Montreal can be as screwed up as any other cosmopolitan city. They take a back seat to no one.

Luci and I just need to figure out the train and subway system and it’ll be smooth sailing.


We parked in an empty parking lot, which was empty because it was a holiday, right beside the Bell Centre, and we walked through the corridors of the building I’ve never seen a game in, and we peered in through locked doors. I would have loved to have seen the seats and ice level and been around some kind of actual life, but it was empty everywhere. Although at least I now have an idea what’s it’s all about.

And of course I need to come back when things are open, and I will. I just wanted to see it, and dealing with quieter streets and empty parking lots was as good time as any.

I’m working hard to adjust my brain. It’s 2013 and the Bell Centre now, not the Forum. I just hope that when I finally see a game at this place, that it stirs my heart, sweeps me away, the way it did at the Forum so many times, so many years ago.

I saw where the condos beside the Bell will be built, and I see that prices begin at $250,000. So if everyone will kindly send me a total of about $249,000 or so,  Luci and I will be able to move into the Canadiens building, and I’ll write about the view every so often.

The sky grew dark as we left the Bell Centre, a hard rain fell, and it wasn’t easy to see while driving back to Brossard.

Maybe it was Scott Gomez’ ancestors getting back at me.

Bell 1

Bell 3

Bell 2

Bell 4

6 thoughts on “A Good Day To Get Lost In Montreal”

  1. And me who thought your timing was impeccable! Welcome back, Dennis!!! Enjoy the beautiful warm day today!

  2. Thanks dra58. It’s all slightly stressful for us at the moment. We have to find a place to live and the pressure’s on. Once that happens, we can start enjoying things.

  3. Glad you and Luci made it, nice pics too. The metro is set up well and you’ll figure it out fine. Enjoy your time there, Montreal has so much to offer on so many levels as it is like no other city in Canada. Have fun !

  4. Thank you, Joe. What a big change in our lives at this point. Can’t wait to get settled and start being a Montrealer.

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