A Gift From Danno

About six months ago Danno emailed me and said he and his dad and brother were coming to Montreal from Ottawa by train to see the Detroit-Montreal game on April 5th.


I’ll be at the game with Danno and his family!

I really only know Danno from this blog, although I met him and his wife in an Ottawa pub a few years ago. He’s come to this site for years, he encourages me, we’ve spoken by phone several times, and he’s been a great friend.

Now this. A ticket to the game, an Original Six matchup, and an important game for both teams.

Just a kind and  awesome gesture by Danno to do this. I can’t properly describe what it means to me.

Looking for a big win tonight to make Danno, his dad, and me very happy. (His brother’s a Red Wings fan so I’m hoping for a great game and a loss for him).

Go Habs. Play hard, don’t get hurt, and if Habs equipment manager Pierre Gervais needs help with the sticks, I’ll be in the building to lend a helping hand.




11 thoughts on “A Gift From Danno”

  1. Have a good time Dennis but make sure you behave yourself this time. The wives didn’t take too kindly to your jokes last time you were there.

    Funny thing is, every time I think of Danno all I can picture is Rocket’s face. So that’s what I always think he looks like! (So I guess people must think I wear a helmet all the time… 🙂 ).

  2. What a great gift! I wish I could do the same for you and Luci (how about a pair of Portland Pirates tix for the next time you’re travelling through Maine – during the winter, of course). Have a wonderful time at tonight’s game, Dennis.

  3. Danno—THANK YOU!!!!! for this great gift to Dennis!!! As Darth said and I often wonder do you look or act like THE Rocket. Some of your comments here give me the impression our Habs would benifit from you in uniform Never seen #9 but those eyes BURN!! Enjoy the game with family and friends,

  4. Good for you that is so cool. will be watching here in Ab. I get to go see my favorite player tomorrow , Koivu and the Ducks are coming to E-town . Enjoy your night !

  5. What a terrific gesture on Danno’s part. Just don’t let Dennis get out of hand, Danno. Keep a close eye on him. He gets carried away if he has too many beers and starts banging on the glass. Have fun, y’all!!!!

  6. DK, Enjoy the game you lucky bugger, kudo’s to Danno but do you really know what your setting loose Danno! Lets hope neither Chris Lee or Tim Peel are on the ice tonight!!!

  7. Eric thanks a lot. Yes indeed, a Pirates game! But could you please tell them to shift their games to the summer.

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