A Game To Be Had

If the Canadiens manage to lose to Anaheim on Wednesday night, it’ll become one of the lowest points of the season. Anaheim sits second worst in the entire league with 16 points, and have lost their last five.

If the Habs lose this and look bad while doing it, you would think that Jacques Martin would join Bruce Boudreau and Paul Maurice on the unemployment line.

Wouldn’t you?


7 thoughts on “A Game To Be Had”

  1. Danno, Martin can only dodge so many bullets. Anaheim is a terrible club and the Habs need to win this.

  2. Martin is the anti-christ. I’m sure of it. 🙂

    He’s like a bad rash that you can’t get rid of. Just when things get better it flares up and you’re back to square one.

  3. I listened to the Leaf win 4-2 over the Ducks last night… The Ducks are a down and out team who have 2 wins in the last 18 games…. Its amazing considering they have Getzlaf , Perry, Selanue and Ryan all of whom are hard core offensive stars….Their defense and goltending are a mess though ..

    They should be just what the doctor ordered for the Habs to kick start their road trip ….

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