A Flames Fan? Not If I Can Help It

My grandson, Cameron, will be having his first birthday in September, and he needs these boots to get him through those lousy Calgary winters. His dad says baby will grow up to be a Flames fan, and I’m having a lot of trouble dealing with this. A Flames fan? What is that?  

Cameron needs to be a Canadiens fan. He and I will sit down when he’s bigger and I’ll tell him all the stories about the old Forum and the Rocket, le Gros Bill, and how much he must hate the Boston Bruins. He’ll find out about Jacques Plante putting the mask on, and how Don Cherry’s Bruins lost because there were too many men on the ice.

If he becomes a Flames fan, what kind of stories is he gonna get? Jim Peplinski buying a car dealership?  Harvey the Hound almost losing his doghood when he fell straddling the boards? Geez I’m upset about this.


2 thoughts on “A Flames Fan? Not If I Can Help It”

  1. geez i’m upset cause I had managed to block out the habs losing 20 years ago this month to the flames. But this reminds me of being 11 and my hatred of Lanny Mcdonald and the rest.

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