A Fine Road Trip

I was at a couple of Devils’ homes games at the Meadowlands back in 1989 when a bunch of us in Ottawa climbed into a minivan and took in games in New Jersey, Washington, and Hartford.

At one of the Devils games, they showed a guy in the stands wearing a black leather jacket with studs spelling out N.Y. Rangers, and of course everyone booed.  I thought, aside from the Rangers part, it was a very cool jacket. They also put the camera on SNL cast member Jon Lovitz.

Coming in, we were given binders with Sean Burke and Sober Sam facing off against drugs, even though Burke didn’t usually take faceoffs considering he was a goalie

Best of all, at one of the games at the Meadowlands, it seemed we were very close to where the players’ wives were sitting. When you see about twenty good-looking women sitting together in seats down low and all dressed in lovely outfits, who else could it be?

The Devils moved from East Rutherford to Newark prior to the 2007-08 season.


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  1. If you’re taking a faceoff and you look up to see the other player is a huge chicken on skates, then yes – it’s time to ease up on the drugs.

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