A Fine Looking Bunch Of Sens


This is Ottawa Senators from sometime in the 1920s. The player in the top row, far right is King Clancy, who was a Senator for the entire Roaring Twenties before hooking up with the Leafs.

When I was about 13, Monsignor Lee, who had connections with the Leafs after being a big shot at St. Michael’s College in Toronto, took Ron Clarke and I to Peterborough to take in some of the Leafs training camp, and we had dinner with the Leaf brass and players. King Clancy and Jim Gregory sat right across from us, and I remember the both of them being truly nice to us. And funny.

And in looking at the players in this picture, I realize that the old Senators were not nearly as homely as they are now. Like Chris Neil, who looks like an Acme safe fell on him when he was sunbathing at Britannia Beach.

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  1. Someone has sold this photo 6 times and has 4 more copies for sale. I don’t understand eBay. How can there be 10 copies of an original? Why can’t another copy be made?


    Here’s a recap of that first Senators/Canadiens game from an old newspaper.


    Two columns to the right and up is the Toronto/Wanderers game recap.

  2. That’s funny, Christopher. I’ve had that photo for more than twenty years, but with no names under it like this one has. Mine came from the original negative, from an elderly lady in Ottawa.

  3. _kaiuoti, Clancy was a tough little bugger. Much smaller than Neil but you might be right.

  4. The man beside King Clancy in the back row looks like Tommy Gorman. He was manager and part owner of the Senators until 1925. He was my father’s cousin- our family’s claim to fame. I never knew him but heard stories about him in my youth. His grandson Toby was a sportswriter here in Orillia at the Packet a few years back and is now in BC. After Toby left Orillia I found genealogy records that shows our common family tree.

  5. Marg, that’s awesome. Gorman was a true pioneer and hockey legend. And I had no idea there was a connection with Orillia. Thanks for this.

  6. Gorman was actually from the Ottawa area as was my dad. I am a migrant to Orillia, but Toby, Tommy’s grandson spent a few years here as sportswriter at the Packet. My son Mike also is with Sun Media and knew Toby. I believe that Toby is
    now writing for a paper in Nanaimo.

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