A Fine License Plate

Danno found this on Twitter and sends it along. He wonders if it could be in Ottawa and belongs to a fan who has stayed with the Canadiens even after the city got the Sens. Unlike some, and I can name names, who deserted their beloved Habs after many years of being solid fans, and went with the Sens instead.

How do you abandon the team you love just because your city got a franchise? It’s something I’ve never understood, like quantum physics, Paris Hilton, the Kardashian family, and the rules of cricket.

Some words of advice to the owner of this license plate. Don’t take your car to Philadelphia. The Gazette’s Pat Hickey had his Quebec plate stolen at the rink there, and imagine if these folks laid their eyes on this?



11 thoughts on “A Fine License Plate”

  1. I think it’s a lot like when a town gets one their own into the NHL, they instantly become fans of whatever team the guy plays on. In my town’s case it was Mike Richards and the Flyers. Oops now it’s the Kings, ha ha all those people buying new jersies. Imagine how Dryden feels about Pronger! I’m 2 hours east of Winnipeg and when I was younger 2 hours west. So the Jets were my second team and they will be again once I get to know them but they will never take the place of the Canadiens. Maybe if I lived in Wpg I might feel different. Nah!

  2. Dishonest John, it’s just been the Habs for me all along, but I do understand those who really didn’t have any particular allegiance to any one team. I don’t understand those who loved a team for years and then dropped them like a hot potato. I know it happens all the time but I don’t get it.
    I think it’s cool when a small town swells with pride with the local hero. That’s real Canadiana stuff. Small town northern boy makes it to the bigs. Dryden must be proud of Pronger. So many examples.

  3. Dennis – a lot more happened to Hickey’s car than a plate stolen. It was completely vandalized:slashed tires, etc. Really classy Flyers fans. What I did like though was it made the news there and people raised money to have it repaired. That was a decent thing to do.

    People who change their teams like that were never really true fans of the team. Least that’s my take of it. I could move anywhere but I’d still root for the Habs everytime. They’re in my blood and always will be.

  4. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s one of the offenders. JW, who was once a big Habs fan and is now a big Sens fan. May our team clobber his team.

  5. As I said one night to my annoying father-in-law. What have the leafs done in the last forty years to make you stick with them? He had no answer. So here is my point: if the habs became just like the leafs for that kind of length of time would we stick with them?

  6. That’s a good question dj, hopefully we’ll never find out. Thankfully the Habs are not the Laffs. And if I ever do leave, it won’t be for a team like the the Sens who have been as bad as the Leafs.

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