8 thoughts on “A Fine Deal”

  1. Boy that wld. have been fun! for those prices you’d get three seats now for play offs? I just re-read Charles Foran’s Maurice Richard day before yesterday. If no one’s read it, I recommend it. It’s well written and reads quickly. Really evokes the Rocket. GoHabsGo

  2. Thanks William. Will make a point of getting Mr. Foran’s book. Right now most of my books are still on the West Coast. That’ll change at some point.

  3. Dennis–just got back from a in-and out trip to Orillia and came thru Prices Corner–hwy 12 and Horseshoe Valley Rd.—but couldn’t find a house with a puck damaged garage door.
    Knuckels Nilan said you don’t need the coach to get you up for a Broooinz game— your just up, get a chance to punch someone in the face! You can even skate by their bench and poke someone. Wish I had his confidence. Hopefully our guys keep the action BETWEEN the whistles and the PP is on track.

  4. Peter, I know exactly where Price’s Corners and Horseshoe Valley is. How was Orillia? Lookin’ good?
    No, there should be no needed motivation for Gooins games. It takes care of itself. If the Canadiens can get their pp going it would be great. And skate, skate, skate.

  5. not good at adding codes but thers’a an interview with Foran and some good clips.. And the book is available in the Montreal area libraries..!

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