A Few Tips For The Boys While In LA

Just a few tips for the boys while they’re in California.

If you’re going to be in West Hollywood at this time, it would be cruel to make the rookies buy the drinks at the Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard. They’ll be paying off their credit card longer than students take to pay off student loans. Don’t forget to pack Scott Gomez’ credit card.

If you plan on going to see live music at the Troubadour on Santa Monica Blvd, it’s cash only there, and on the 3rd, when you take on the Kings, you can probably make the late show to see the Blasters. It’s just 20 bucks. With cash only, hopefully Gomez slipped you a few bucks before you left Montreal.

If you plan on walking west on Santa Monica Blvd. to the Troubadour, you’ll walk through Boys Town, so be prepared to see guys holding hands and such.

If you want to hang out on the Sunset Strip and don’t want to pay Viper Room rates, then head over to Whisky A Go Go, but be prepared to stand because there’s only a few seats and tables upstairs.

Playing at the Whisky on the 3rd – Sam Behymer and the Bowties, Never Before, Dee Dee O’Malley, and a couple of others. Tickets can be bought at the door and they’re not saying how much. Just charge it to Scott Gomez, whatever it is.

Hamburger w/ Fries $6.75
Turkey Burger w/ Fries $6.75
Cheesebuger w/ Fries $7.00
Veg. Burger w/ Fries $6.75
Shrimp Poppers w/ Fries or Onion Rings $9.00
Curly Fries $5.00
Chicken Wings $6.75
Chicken Fingers w/ Ranch $6.75
Onion Rings $5.50
Stuffed Jalapenos $6.00
Whiskey Fries $5.00
Potato Skins w/ Bacon $6.50
Dinner Salad (Ranch or Italian) $6.50


Ranch – .75
Sour Cream – .75

When you’re walking east on the Sunset Strip from the Whisky, about a block away, please pause and reflect on the fact that this is where I was picked up for being under 18 and breaking curfew back in 1967 and had to spend a week in a Juvenile Hall. You won’t have to worry about this, but just be careful with these West Hollywood cops, especially if you’ve beaten the hometown Kings only hours before. But if you need bail money, just phone Gomez.

While on Sunset Strip, get in a bunch of cabs, head east to the outskirts of Beverly Hills, and rendevous at the Beverly Hills Hotel where you can enjoy caviar at the Polo Lounge. ($180.00). Tell them to bill Scott Gomez.

15 thoughts on “A Few Tips For The Boys While In LA”

  1. Gomez strikes me as a cheap guy. He probably wouldn’t fork over dime without expecting change.

    Is that $350 for a bottle or a glass of Johnny Walker Black? Or is it a misprint and they mean 3.50$?

    If it’s actually $350.00 for a glass or a bottle then people going there have way too much money on their hands. You can by a bottle of the stuff for about 50$ (roughly). What a rip-off. Unless it’s from a strip club then I can understand the cost.

    I love Scotch but there’s no way I’d shell out that dough for it unless it’s at least 18 years old or older.

  2. It’s not a misprint, Darth. We went there and enjoyed the music but didn’t buy one drink. Naturally.

  3. That is some outrageous pricing. It’s nice to go out sometimes but holy cow is that bad.

    I think I’d rather just drink myself into a stupor at home for much cheaper.

  4. Darth, I’m expecting you to hang out in classy places once you become part of my management team. No more of this saving money by staying home.

  5. Me: “Did Pacioretty deserve a suspension?”

    Magic 8 Ball: “Ask again later”

    I guess Magic 8 Ball is reviewing the tape…

  6. Dennis, that comment you made is gold.

    Ok, I promise to only drink the good expensive stuff when I’m in your organization. You can bet I’ll be drinking the old expensive Scotch.

    Danno you should ask it if we’ll win the Cup this decade.

  7. Drillstc, absolutely. Get them out of town, do some bonding, grab some points. Come back strong and start turning it around. I like it.

  8. bad performance tonight. Was looking forward to Leblanc adding spark. PP sucks as usual. D men suck as usual but Gill irreplaceable which speaks volumes for rest of D. Why can’t our high priced forward talent score or at least show some form or leadership. Most of the team pretty much sucking. Budaj playing pretty good. Not enthused for rest of year if this is our team. Sucks being a habs fan right now. JM continues to make me sick just looking at his stupid 1979’s brylcreamed hair. I just want to punch him in the face. Subban sucking again. What happened to the flair from this guy.

  9. If the team doesn’t come back with some points they may not be let back into Montreal. Leaving Gomez behind may have been their safety net, we wouldn’t want to be stuck with only him.

    Danno, don’t tell me that even the magic eight ball needs to check with the Bruins when deciding suspensions.

  10. Chris, Danno needs a new magic eight ball. It lied to us. I think I trust Gaston even more than the eight ball.

  11. Hey Dennis

    I would definitely pass on The Viper Room.

    Back in the day if I was in LA I was either hanging out at sports venues,browsing record stores, or hitting the music and comedy clubs.Clubs like The Roxy,The Whisky,The Palomino Club,The Starwood Club,The Troubadour,The Improv,The Comedy Store etc.The Improv(on Melrose) is the location of the long defunct Ashgrove.Dave Alvin’s 2004 album Ashgrove is named after the club.The Starwood Club and The Palomino Club are also defunct.

    I do remember Johnette Napalitano of Concrete Blonde shouting out ‘Still in Hollywood’ at The Roxy.Kinda fitting.

    Once at The Comedy Store Richard Belzer was on stage when Robin Williams entered the club and nudged Richard Belzer off stage.Richard Belzer then sat at the table right behind us saying many uncomplimentary(profane) things about Robin Williams.

    And I once went through every record at Tower Records on Sunset.



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