A Feisty Coach

Andrei Nazarov is just about as opposite of Jacques Martin as you can get.

Martin was never a player, while Nazarov spent time with seven NHL clubs – San Jose, Tampa Bay, Calgary, Anaheim, Boston, Phoenix, and the Minnesota Wild. Martin rarely shows distinct emotion, while Nazarov, now coaching Vityaz Chekhov of the KHL, found himself in a stick-swinging incident with fans in Minsk, which is never good but maybe the fans deserved a curved-stick sandwich.

Nazarov received a two-game suspension and his team lost the game 2-0.

Wouldn’t that be something if Martin did this? Try to picture the image.

Nazarov certainly wasn’t without a temper when he played either. He was involved in 571 NHL games, scored 53 goals, assisted 71 times, and sat in the sin bin for 1409 minutes.

And if you think Nazarov doesn’t have guts, (or maybe he’s just not that bright), here he is in a scuffle Bob Probert of all people.

5 thoughts on “A Feisty Coach”

  1. This is the kind of stuff that turns me right off about hockey. Not only what he wants to do to the spectators but his bloody fights in the NHL. Not hockey.

  2. It’s a temper thing, Marjo. I don’t blame you for feeling like this. It’s not cool. It’s certainly not Jean Beliveau-type stuff. The only thing I can say is, I’ve been seeing violence in hockey since I was a kid, and it was around long before me. So I’m kind of used to it. You also see silly stuff in other sports too. Basketball players fight and go into stands, baseball players throw at each others’ heads etc. So it’s not just hockey. It gets very serious when big money is on the line.

  3. For a guy I never heard of, Nazarov did well against Probert, no problem there. But swinging a stick against the fans, that’s Milbury territory, who I wish to never hear babble again.

    The big difference between hockey players and the players in other sports is that hockey players know how to throw a punch. Basketball players take little cheap slaps, anything more and their uncoordinated mutant bodies would tip over. Baseball players are even lamer, they have a bench clearing brawl every month, but after clearing the benches all they do is stand around wondering what to do next.

  4. The top video has been disabled unfortunately. If Martin were to do this (say in Boston for example) I would totally freak out and be amazed. Sadly he goes around like he’s heavily medicated so it probably wouldn’t happen in a million years.

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