A Dow Wouldn’t Go Good Now

Actually, after a 6-0 loss to the Leafs,  maybe a Dow laced with cobalt sulfate might go good now.

The Rocket wasn’t just a hockey player, as he once said of himself. He was also a beer rep, doing public relations work for Dow Breweries, which was owned by Carling-O’Keefe when Rocket was involved. I wonder how Molson felt about that.

Dow would eventually become owned by Molson in the mid-sixties, but closed shop after several dozen people who had been drinking at least 24 Dows a day suddenly died from heart failure. It was found that Dow contained cobalt sulfate, which apparently isn’t good for your health.

You’d think that anyone who drinks 24 beers a day, regardless of the brand, might suffer heart failure at some point. But I’m no doctor so I can’t be sure.


14 thoughts on “A Dow Wouldn’t Go Good Now”

  1. So, Toronto’s goalie won the game tonight; and, in Montreal!
    I got to watch only that last 4 minutes of the game. Were I a masochist, I’d have made a greater effort to watch the whole game. I’ve had the pleasure of watching one game in the forum back in the early 60’s. Les Habitants lost that one also, to Chicago by a score of 1 to nothing . Stan Mikita got the lone goal. One memory recall of that game is a slap shot by Bobby Hull from center-ice . No one saw that howitzer after it left his stick. It probably got picked up by some kid on Sherbrook Avenue the next day.

  2. Orville, they were playing well until the Leafs scored twice in half a minute. Then things simply fell apart.
    I remember seeing a game on TV in the early-70s when Pete Mahovlich scored against Toronto with two seconds left and the Habs won 1-0.

  3. Montreal always seemed to be able to score in the last seconds of the game in the 60’s & 70’s. Tonight’s game was painful to see Montreal collapse and Subban only in the commercials.

  4. I guess I don’t really care anymore, James. This mess of a team has made me apathetic and sort of numb.

  5. Well said Dennis. I watched a game from 1969 on You Tube and realized just how crappy today’s hockey is. Dump and chase is a lazy man’s way of playing the game. Maybe a necessity when there are just not enough skilled players to make good passing plays. I enjoyed watching Bergevin squirm and do a slow burn after every goal. It appears the director of the telecast knows where the blame lies. Lol

  6. Dow had been using copper bluestone (sulphate) to clean the brewing vats. Not such a good choice of cleaning agents as it turns out.

  7. The problem goes way back. The inability to build properly. Toronto was that team for 50 years until they tanked. Now look at them. The problem i have now is that i cannot identify with any of these players. The only hope I see is trading Price. I kinda wonder if that isn’t in the works. We need a whole different management change. People who aren’t stuck on the same philosophy year after year after year. I used to be against tanking but not any longer. The firing has to start now. Get rid of Price and bring in a hard working super star.
    Hire proven management who take risks and builds properly. It took Toronto fifty years to “get it”. Its been 25 years since we’ve won a cup and we can stop the bleeding now. But you have to have patience in re-building. I don’t know if the fans in Montreal will be patient. I live in Winnipeg and look what they’ve done by being patient….. I very rarely watch Montreal games anymore.

  8. Is it just me or has the number of faceoffs where one centreman or the other is replaced just exploded?

  9. Pat
    you’re right about the face-offs. Someone is tossed out and the referee drops the puck right away the second time. i don’t get it.

  10. Thanks for that, Billy. Yes, I was renting a room in Toronto, upstairs in a home, and they invited me down to watch the game because I didn’t have a TV. And just a few months after that I went to bartender school and after I finished it they got me a job in Sudbury, which is where I watched the ’72 Summit Series.

  11. Frank, I have a hard time concentrating on games now. The product isn’t great. As far as the Leafs go, they ended up with a bunch of stud draft choices, basically at the same time. They also put together a dream management team. Montreal on the other hand…….

  12. Billy, Bergevin needs to squirm. His decision making, especially ridding himself of a fairly solid defence corps, will be his undoing. Unless Geoff Molson can’t bring himself to do it. And unless there’s really nobody out there to replace him, considering the language thing. I definitely don’t want Pierre McGuire or Patrick Roy coming in.

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