A Darn Good Reason To Smoke If There Ever Was One

The first time I went to the Montreal Forum, I was about 13 and what really stood out for me, aside from the crest at centre ice and the magical red colour of the players’ sweaters, was the scoreboard that had British Consols cigarettes ads around it. So when I went back to Orillia afterwards, I got my hands on some British Consols and smoked them.

I mean, if British Consols are good enough for the Montreal Forum, then they’re darn sure good enough for me.

I saw this great photo recently of the Montreal Maroons from 1932-33 and quickly noticed that British Consols went way back with the Forum and hockey in Montreal. But not only am I not tempted to smoke them again, I don’t even know if you can buy them anymore.

I haven’t smoked in years now. Maybe because there’s just no ads on scoreboards anymore to sway me.

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