A Dad In A Phone Book


Yesterday we went through Schreiber, a place at the top of Lake Superior.

This is where my grandfather went after abandoning my mom when she was 12-years old.

She found him 30 years later by going through old Northern Ontario phone books.





3 thoughts on “A Dad In A Phone Book”

  1. What an ass is right. I think a lot of us know people who’ve had similar experiences (not to diminish your mom’s). I can never figure out a mom or dad who can make the decision to abandon their children. It’s heartless.

  2. So sad, I guess I am lucky as both my grandads were always there and very supportive. I guess it only shows how cold people can get when selfish desires get the upper hand !

  3. Joe, you are very lucky. I had one grandma I loved, and the other I didn’t know very well. And I didn’t know my either of my grandpas.

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