A Crest And A Scout

In my scrapbook which I had put together as a kid, there’s a picture of the Rocket wearing a sharp-looking sports jacket with a nice crest attached that reads “CHC” (Canadiens Hockey Club, Club de Hockey Canadien). So I wrote the Canadiens and asked them if I could have one. They said no.

The strangest thing happened, though. Sometime around then I was coming out of church with my folks and there was a man in the crowd, believe it or not, wearing the same jacket as the Rocket’s.  Of course I went up to this man and asked him if he was a member of the Montreal Canadiens and it turned out he was a Habs scout named Roy Foubert who had recently moved to Orillia to become manager of National Grocers. We sort of became friends, even with the age difference, and he took me and my buddy Ron Clarke to Huntsville once while on a scouting trip.

Years later, when I was working for National Grocers in Ottawa, our hockey team, of which I was a smallish-yet-shifty right winger, went to Toronto for a NG tournament, and an older fellow was playing for Orillia. You bet – it was Roy Foubert.  

6 thoughts on “A Crest And A Scout”

  1. Thanks, Danno. I didn’t know they were that much but I’m not surprised. The other one’s neat too. I think it’s from a Beehive giveaway and from time to time they appear on ther market. I love this old stuff. I don’t know if this is good or bad.

  2. did roy recognize the (smallish yet shifty right winger thinking about getting laid), as he zoomed by?

  3. I talked to him sometime that weekend, Hobo, and he remembered me for sure. I remember there were a couple of younger guys on our NG beer league team and when I told them there was a Habs scout playing for the other team, they played their hearts out. You could see they were trying to impress him and it was a neat moment.

  4. First Selke and then Pollock with the rejection letters. A lessor fan might have become disgruntled with the team.

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