A Crashing Halt

The Canadiens had a decent third period, and maybe a goal early to make it 4-2 might have set the wheels in motion, but the goal didn’t happen, and the boys get hammered 5-1 in Ottawa. That’s fine. Maybe a good kick in the ass is healthy sometimes.

Ryan White didn’t help matters by taking two minutes for roughing and two more for mouthing off to the referee in the second period when the scored was tied at one. Because of his silly lack of discipline, the Sens suddenly led 3-1 and the game for all intents and purposes was over. This type of avoidable stuff can set in motion all kinds of nasty stuff, beginning with a loss, which could lead to another loss or three, and all of a sudden a team going good becomes a team going bad.

Sport can be a fragile thing, and blowing a fuse at the official is never the smartest thing to do. The guy in stripes always wins, and White needs to put on a dunce cap and go stand in the corner.

Lars Eller went from the first line to the fourth, than back to the first, then enjoyed power play time. Was he being punished, then rewarded? Will he be on the trading block soon? Is his job secure? Hey Danno, ask that eight ball, will ya?

This was only game six. Did Michel Therrien feel Carey Price was tired? I think the coach should have gone with Price in the hopes that the winning streak could continue. Why tamper with momentum? But Peter Budaj was in nets, and you can say he was fine and the team was fairly bad, but the bottom line was five goals going in. I think I would’ve waited at least several more games before I rested our number one guy. This isn’t a forty-year old Johnny Bower we’re talking about here.

At least the Canadiens continued their power play ways, although it was just one, a Tomas Plekanec marker helped by Andrei Markov and Raphael Diaz. This goal was the opener, and at that point, all was right in the universe. Then the universe exploded.

Random Notes:

Montreal outshot Ottawa 32-27.

The G-Force kids were mostly a non-factor all evening. I guess they can’t be expected to rise us out of our seats every night. Okay, we expect it. It’s just not going to happen, that’s all.

Erik Cole and David Desharnais really need Max back. The three compliment each other, at least they did last year, and with Max gone for awhile, it’s not the same. Cole has created some dangerous moments, but Desharnais has been mediocre at best. The good thing is, we know he can play better. So we wait.

Next up – Saturday at the Bell, when the Buffalo Sabres provide the opposition.




11 thoughts on “A Crashing Halt”

  1. Even Price would have had a tough time pulling out a win since the team only scored one lousy goal. Craig Anderson was the difference as he made many key stops to stymie the Habs offence.


    Will Lars Eller be traded?

    Magic 8 Ball says:

    “Ask again later”


  2. Don’t like looking, dislike TSN’s blowjob on Guy!Guy!Guy!, but look at the upside. They still went into the corners and no Too-Many-Men calls…

    We come home, the crowd will up, and Subban returns.

    Hey, I have tickets to the March game in Tampa!

  3. Proves to me Montreal has the best goalie in the world..

    Price would have shut the Senators out 1-0

    god forbide he gets a serious injury

  4. Danno, it’s true Anderson was good, but this decision by Therrien was before the game started. Ottawa has a good club, and I would’ve kept Price in for several more games to try and keep that streak going. I’m always nervous when a backup plays. Alex Auld etc.

  5. Mike, a team can’t win every night. But I always worry that one loss will snowball into several, which makes the Saturday game against Buffalo a big one.

  6. Max Pacioretty – who is recovering from his appendectomy – skated with PK Subban this afternoon at the Habs training facility in Brossard.

    It appears Pacioretty may be able to return sooner than the three to four weeks originally estimated for his full recovery from the operation.

    The team will decide later today if PK will play his 2013 debut match against Bufallo on Saturday.

    The Habs will host Ottawa on Sunday.

    Note – The two weekend home games against Buffalo and Ottawa are at 2:00 pm

  7. Good info, Danno. Thanks. This means I might be able to see the Saturday game before I go to work! And great news about Max!

  8. Not sure why, but it’s fairly common to not play the goalie in back to back games without a day off. I’d rather risk a game loss if it reduces the risk of injury to Price.

    I might have sent you this before, Google maintains calendars for all games and provides the results going back to 2009 preseason. Definitely worth a bookmark.


    Or local time for you

  9. It’s good to have, Christopher. Thanks. I’ve bookmarked it. But I don’t understand the time below.

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