A Couple Of Simple Solutions To Scoring Five Goals

The only thing Bobby Rousseau ate all day on February 1, 1964 was five doughnuts. He then went out that night and scored five goals against Chicago.

Twenty years before that, Maurice Richard was tired after moving furniture into his new apartment and had only slept a few hours that night. He asked coach Dick Irvin if he could have the night off but Irvin said no. The Rocket then went out and scored five goals and three assists against Detroit.

Bobby Rousseau played 643 regular season games with the Habs, scoring 200 goals and adding 322 assists for 522 points.

Rocket played 978 regular season games, scoring 544 goals and adding 421 assists for 965 points.

Below – Rousseau then and now.

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6 thoughts on “A Couple Of Simple Solutions To Scoring Five Goals”

  1. Are you suggesting that all the canandiens should eat five donuts and move furniture on game days? I know I would do it, I know Hal Gill could do it. I’m not sure if little gionta would be able to handle it though

  2. I remember that night but only hearing about it. I was probably forced to watch a Leaf game because I was living in Toronto and only got updates during the Leaf game. Did Rod Gilbert also score five per game in the same general time frame? I can’t find the answer.

  3. Five goals and very little time of sleep.
    Check and check, now i’m expecting to score 80 points and record 40 assists in my basketball game.

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