A Correction

A few weeks ago I mentioned that the Habs’ worst season since the 82 game schedule began happened in 1998-99 when they managed 75 points. I was wrong. I looked again and somehow missed the 2000-01 season, when they accumulated just 70 points.

So the good thing is, the Habs have 69 points with 8 eight games to go, so they should have no problem getting two more points to better that dismal season. At least one would think so.

Sorry for the previous error.

7 thoughts on “A Correction”

  1. Having two such bad teams in the recent past and still sucking this year shows just how bad our GMs have been. We should have two 30 year old all-stars at their playing peak leading us. I don’t think we got anything from our 1999 draft picks. 2001 was slightly better, we did pick up Plekanec in the third round. Over-rated Komisarek was how we wasted our top pick.

  2. It’s been downhill since Savard and Demers were fired.

    This is why we need a drastic change and we have to think outside the box. Hire McGuire or at least hire someone unexpected who can bring something new to the table. If we don’t, we’ll continue to be stuck with the same mediocre hockey we’ve endured for years now.

  3. I’d be much happier if the correction would have come from Montreal and started with an apology for firing Carbo.

    Looking at the schedule, then at the effort put forth… I’m not sure there are two points out there our guys can gain.

  4. Mike is right.

    Coming up: Sens, @Flyers, @Rangers, @Caps, Lightning, @Canes and finally the Leafs.

    I don’t see two easy points either.

  5. The Laffs and the media at the Centre-of-the-Universe™ owe us. Somehow they convinced poor gullible Gauthier that Kaberle was a good, offensive, puck carrying, goal producing, power-play specialist.

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