A Classic Photo To Join Another Classic Photo

Boston’s Sugar Jim Henry didn’t just shake hands with the Rocket and have camera flashes go off. He had a moment with Gerry McNeil too, as Montreal beat the Bruins four games to three in the 1952 semi-finals. Both photos come from the same series.

 07Maurice Richard


Photo from “Gerry McNeil: Goaltender Under Pressure” by David McNeil

7 thoughts on “A Classic Photo To Join Another Classic Photo”

  1. That was the best picture ever in the history of hockey.
    Feel the pain of Maurice, feel all the respect in Sugar Jim Henry!

  2. It sure is an awesome photo, Richard. And you say put it right – the pain, the respect. I think Rocket was even confused and still out of it at that point.
    There was no one like him, and he was a kind and humble man off the ice as much as he was so driven on the ice. Just a great man all round. Thanks a lot for your comment. You described the photo perfectly.

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