9 thoughts on “A Chat In Puck Daddy”

  1. That was a cool surprise (saw it there before coming here). The Bettman crack was a great one but your idea for the penalty box is a natural hat-trick. That would be a beaut. Can you picture some of the antics that would happen in there?

    Have you ever seen Bon Cop/Bad Cop? There’s an awesome Bettman parody in it.

  2. Where does the guilty pleasure part come in? Cheering for the Habs are a proud pleasure. There’s no better way to pass the winter. A guilty pleasure is the joy I get watching the Leafs and Senators lose time after time and seeing many friends suffering.

  3. I haven’t seen Bon Cop/Bad Cop Darth but I’ll watch for it. Heard about it. Thanks about the Puck Daddy thing. I worried a little that it would be okay.

  4. You should check it out Dennis, it has a huge hockey element to it. The teams have been renamed (for obvious reasons) and there’s even a “Don Cherry” type in the film (played by Rick Mercer).

  5. Chris, watching the Leafs and Sens lose is such a joy. And seeing PK meet Marchand with a thunderous bodycheck is also right up there. Some things are just great.

  6. Hi Dennis:

    Great answers to Puck Daddy’s questions. As usual, you were worth readings and enteraining in the process.

    Loved your answer to Question No. 1.

  7. Diane! What a nice surprise! Hope you’re having a great summer. Drop me an email and let me know what you and your sister have been doing. Gaston says hi.

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