A Cavalcade Of Stars

My new photo, and it’s of a good old Stanley Cup parade through the streets of Montreal.

And what year is it? I don’t know.

It’s from either in the 1950’s or 1960’s, depending on whether old or new cars were used. But in the 1960’s, these 50’s cars weren’t old enough to be considered classics yet, so my thought is they were brand new cars and it’s a 1950’s parade.

So I just have to figure out the exact year of the cars.

Any ideas? Because I’m not sure.

The Habs won Cups in the spring of 1953, 56, 57, 58, 59, and 1960.

13 thoughts on “A Cavalcade Of Stars”

  1. It’s probably the late 50’s and I bet that’s the Rocket in the lead car. This may also be St. Catherine Street. If it is, has it ever changed!

  2. Darth and Hobo, i9t’s only the fifties if it’s not the sixties with older cars! But I think it’s the fifties because I believe the cars are new. The fire truck looks like it’s even older. Love the Stanley Cups on the roofs of the first cars.

  3. of course. it’s the habs so campoli MUST have stepped into malone’s elbow. how silly of us to think otherwise…………………. thanks jm, this is how you stick up for your guys?

  4. It’s interesting the way Puck Daddy ends his article with this:

    “Is this the first time Shanahan’s previous relationships — say, with a Mr. Steven Yzerman — are being scrutinized by his critics?”

    Have we gone from the Daddy Campbell corruption to the Buddy Yzerman connection?

    If so, things haven’t changed one damned bit.

  5. God I hope not. He must realize the scrutiny he’s under right now. This is a case where he’s going to get in “trouble” regardless of what he does. Don’t suspend Malone and look just as corrupt as Campbell, suspend him and look like you’re doing it just to cover your ass.

    I actually wouldn’t want to be in his shoes today. He’s going to get it no matter what he does I think.

    I love how a lot of people are blaming Campoli for this. Didn’t anyone else see what a dick Malone was all night? Wish that could be taken into consideration.

  6. so according to shananigans, malone had already comitted to to the hit but campoli had time to change his mind and stick his head in the way…… fuck this bullshit, i’m going out to pablo’s lab

  7. Danno I hope your wrong but it smells really bad! I was hoping Shanny was above something like what it seems to be.
    Perplexed from the East!!!!

  8. Shananigans, Shanihammer, Sham-a-scam

    It’s not easy being Sheriff Shanahan.

    Still, after today’s decision, some of us would like him to do like Sha Na Na and “Get a Job”

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