5 thoughts on “A Cannonading Subbanator”

  1. Dennis, what a moment. I love it when PK gets excited and I hope he never stops. Screw you Don Cherry.
    And Price is one solid fellow. It was like PK crashed into a brick wall.
    Just when Montreal got the man advantage I turned to Gail and said PK’s going to score the winner. Lo and behold he did.
    It’s funny how sometimes you can just feel something is about to happen and it does.
    We got a quite a kick out of PK’s celebration. I marked the moment by pouring a shot of Mexican Victory liquor.
    Love the way these two kids clown around and have fun.
    Olé, olé, olé, olé. Olé. Olé!!!

  2. Dennis,

    Given all that’s gone before, would it be hoping for too much to believe that those 2 funsters weren’t re-creating a little moment from earlier in the season.

    If I’ve thought the thought then you can be sure in the dark corners of the Boston media hatefest it may have crossed their mind…..

  3. Danno, between your card and Blue Bayou’s maple syrup, we can’t be stopped. (Hi Gail!)

  4. That, Blue Bayou, isold-time hockey and one the reasons PK is such a gem. Yeah, I wonder if it was a re-creation. Beautiful and one of hockey’s best and clean bodychecks. Keep your heads up, Bruins.

  5. With that goal, our Subban now has more points and twice the goals as our eight million dollar man.

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