A Bunch In The Blog Bad Books

In no particular order:

Pierre McGuire, Jarkko Ruutu, Sean Avery, Gary Bettman, Bob Cole, Denis Gauthier, NHL cheerleaders, Mike Milbury, Boston Bruins, David Frost (ex-agent and junior coach), Michael Farber, Mats Sundin, lots of hockey parents, Brian Burke, Stan Fischler, hockey in non-hockey places. And although a Habs fan, George Stroumboulopoulos gets a two-minute minor for his lousy, soft-hitting interview with Gary Bettman.

5 thoughts on “A Bunch In The Blog Bad Books”

  1. Milbury classy,yikes poor wee ones on mushrooms !!! The guys a # 1 doofus always has been & will be one to the bitter end !!
    Two points tonight & two more Sat. night GO HABS GO .
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!!!

  2. I like Pierre McGuire. Smart guy. I’ve never had an issue. Here in Ottawa, he does 25 minutes on the morning sports show. He knows a lot of stuff, and he doesn’t yell on the radio, so maybe that’s why I’ve never had a problem with him. Very smart guy.

    Also, I never have a problem with cheerleaders, in any sport. 🙂

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