A Buffalo Blanket

Montreal found themselves smothered in a Buffalo blanket this Tuesday night, falling 2-0, and in the process drops to three points behind Boston instead of overtaking them.

Full credit to Buffalo. They just didn’t allow a lot of traffic around their crease, and when the Habs did get chances, Sabres’ goalie Ryan Miller was there to take care of business.

So it just wasn’t to be for the Canadiens as they go from scoring eight two days ago to none on this night. And whether it’s high scoring, low scoring, free-flowing, or tight-checking, Scott Gomez still has seven goals.

PK Subban showed us a couple of great rushes and Carey Price was once again the Rock of Gibraltar. But the team as a whole certainly didn’t give fans who paid 150 or 200 bucks a ticket their money’s worth.

Hurry back Pleks and Darche and Halpern. With Mike Cammalleri and Gomez especially not fooling any goalies, it sometimes looks a bit thin out there now. Although it’s a beautiful thing to watch PK wheel with the puck.

A loss here and there doesn’t get me down. Not after seeing how they’ve hung in and had many a formidable night this winter. We just need the cavalry to come riding in any time now. It’s time to get a little more healthy and get some guys back who add some offence and grit. The 8-1 thrashing of the Minnesota Wild was only an anomaly.

Next up  – the big game in Boston Thursday night. No need to go into details about this, except it sure would be nice to have home-ice advantage in the first round and Zdeno Chara pull his groin.

2 thoughts on “A Buffalo Blanket”

  1. It looks like they got their shots, but once again they were of the crappy kind. They’re saving the good stuff for Boston.

  2. Dennis, it wasn’t a bad loss considering the injuries and the fact that Buffalo played with such post-season intensity. They desperately wanted the two points and pulled out all stops to make sure they got it and to keep their playoff hopes alive.

    The most encouraging part was to see Price being his stellar self after giving us a scare during practice. It looked at the time like he might have injured his left leg or knee. But he put those fears to rest with his acrobatic performance last night.

    The puck came close to getting behind Miller and into the net on more than one occasion. But Miller was good and lucky.

    Overall, the Habs just had a tough time penetrating Buffalo’s defence with many of our shots coming from low-percentage areas.

    It’s strange how in one game the scoring floodgates burst wide open while against Buffalo we just couldn’t score a goal; not for love or money.

    In the end, it was Miller who made the difference.

    Now we know how other teams feel when they play well against us, only to have Price steal the game from them.

    The Habs have done well but they can’t rest on their laurels. Both the Bruins and the Rangers won last night. So Boston pulls away from us with a three-point lead and two games in hand while New York is only three points behind us and breathing down our necks.

    Tomorrow night in Boston will be a huge test.

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