A Bruins Fan Saying Nice Things About The Habs. Seriously

What you are about to read may shock you and cause you to shake your head and say no, it can’t be true.

But it’s true. I was there.

I met a good guy, a friendly guy, a happy and polite guy. And he’s a hardcore Boston Bruins fan.

Now before you say it can’t be, that I must be drunk, all I can say is, I have witnesses.

Roger, decked out in his Bruins jacket, Bruins shirt, and Bobby Orr hat, told me he’s nervous at the thought of the Bruins meeting the Habs in the playoffs. “I respect Montreal,” he said. “Always have. And we have way too much trouble with them in the playoffs.”

This, of course, made my heart soar like an eagle. And he continued. “They’re fast and they scare me. You never know what to expect from them in a series. We just don’t beat them very often.”

This is a guy who goes way back, with some Habs history in his back pocket.

“I used to caddy for Scotty Bowman back in St. Andrews-By-The-Sea, and lots of ex-Habs would show up; Bobby Rousseau, Claude Provost, Donny Marshall. They were all great people.”

By this time I could only just shake my head. A Bruins fan being nice like this. And I hadn’t even bought him beer!

“I’m one of the good Bruins fans,” he said. “I give credit where credit is due. And Chara should have been suspended for at least a couple of games and all the bullshit would’ve been avoided.”

There you go. An inside scoop. Yes Virginia, there is a good Bruins fan.

 So that makes two – Roger and Diane. Probably that’s it.

8 thoughts on “A Bruins Fan Saying Nice Things About The Habs. Seriously”

  1. I dunno, Dennis….he’s a Bruins fan you say but is he a CANADIAN Bruins fan? Because Can. Bruins fans & Amer. Bruins fan are a world apart…

  2. Hi Dennis, so that’s one CANADIAN Bruins fan who’s nice and me, AMERICAN Bruins fan. When the Habs are playing in Boston, you are always welcome to crash in my home. Hockey is the greatest sport and I cheer the hardest working team and players. I love a GOOD Habs vs. Bruins match up and agree Chara should have been given the boot.

    Ole Ole! Keep up the good work!!

  3. he’s kissing your ass because you have a blog. shoo him away like a little fly and be done with it……………………… what’s this about canadian and american bruin fans? they’re all the same…… is a canadian habs fan better than an american habs fan?

  4. I am a staunch Canadiens fan but, like that nice Bruins fan, I give credit where it’s due. I admire all the good hockey players, no matter which team they belong to, and I despise the players and/or teams that play dirty “goonish” hockey.We really must push for stiffer penalties so that violence in hockey will eventually become a thing of the past.

  5. Hi Carole. I just hope that they fix the dirty work before someone gets killed. I agree with you – stiffer penalties. Hit ’em where it hurts – the wallet and big-time suspensions.

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