A Big Yellow Line Gets Added After Win In T.O.

Recently I showed my extremely complex method of tracking Habs win and losses, which is – the yellow lines are wins, the rest aren’t. Marjo has asked for an update, and here it is. And please excuse the mangling. The cat decided to play with it.

As you can see, several wins in a row are few and far between. If only we can get that power play going.

And the other day, on my grandaughter Jasmyne’s 11th birthday, I posted a picture of her when she was about three, sitting in my Forum seat. Marjo mentioned that it would be fun to see how Jasmyne looks now, so here she is again. First, at three years old, and then at ten.


7 thoughts on “A Big Yellow Line Gets Added After Win In T.O.”

  1. Dennis, your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! Wow, really she is so pretty!

    Thanks for posting the scoresheet. I like the new yellow line, kinda breaks the monotony.

  2. I noticed the sheet got a bit ripped around the time Cunneyworth took over and I really can’t say I blame it! 🙂


    You’ve got a lovely granddaughter!

  3. Danno, I’ve been searching for some kind of hidden meaning about the cat doing this. She’s always left it alone before.

  4. The cat doing that is an omen Dennis. Hopefully one day we’ll see a sheet like that and it’ll all be yellow.

    Maybe with the all-star break coming they’ll all rest and get their second wind and come back and nail a good long winning streak. We can hope. It’s also believed that management will take this break to look at the team and decide where to go. Another trade is coming. Probably Gill is going to.

    Cute granddaughter Dennis! Good looks run in the family eh?

  5. So you’re a hip Grandpa? As for the cat having a go at the sheet, Theonly meaning I can make out of it is the cat is as disgusted as we are.

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