A Big Thanks To Luongo For Price’s Upcoming All-Star Career


Can there be any better incentive for Carey Price than to sit up and notice, and then strive for what just fell into Vancouver Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo’s lap? Luongo is a proven star, one of the best, if not the best, in the league, and he’s rewarded with a 12 year, 64 million dollar contract, which works out to $5.3 million a year for the rest of his career.

Luongo is mature, steady, often sensational, and only rarely does he come up with a real stinker of a night. Price can achieve similar rewards if he rebounds nicely, turns his somewhat shaky career into an all-star career, and in the end, he’ll have magical security for himself and his family the way Luongo will have.  He could retire to a life of luxury in his mid-thirties. All his high school buddies will be going to 65 at the factory, thirty years after Price begins sitting by the pool drinking pina colada’s.

All he’s got to do is have a career like Roberto Luongo. And Luongo’s contract just might be the wake-up call for Price we’ve all been waiting for. Thank you Mike Gillis and Roberto.

19 thoughts on “A Big Thanks To Luongo For Price’s Upcoming All-Star Career”

  1. Price has the potential, it’s just the fans are scrutinizing his play so severely that, he just cracked. but his immaturity led him into trouble too. so let’s just hope this is his breakthrough season

  2. Roberto’s contract will probably make Price try harder, and if he succeeds, a big fat check is coming his way

  3. Luongo stunk in the playoffs this year, in fact he was in tears while being interviewed after the Canucks were put out by the Hawks. In saying that, all goalies have stinkers. Brodeur didn’t have a great playoff run either. Patience is the key with Carey Price. The “fans” worry me more than Carey, I don’t want him run out of town. I think Bob will lock him up sooner than later.

  4. Hey Moey;I dont think Luongo stunk in the whole playoff,for sure the last game but the team didn’t do a whole pile for the effort either.I think if you are going to blame Luongo for the Canucks loss,you aren’t taking into consideration that the Canucks paid an old swede to come on board to help them with their playoff picture and he did even less.I feel sure that Carey will bust out this year,remember the Habs were doing well before he hurt himself and came back to early for the allstar game .Then he never really did recover from this issue.

  5. Derry,

    To be quite honest I didn’t watch the Canucks playoff series. I was going mostly from what I heard on Sports radio and I did see his interview. There is an on going debate right now about whether the old guard (Luongo, Brodeur) should be passed over in favor of the new crop of tenders for the 2010 Olympics, Fleury Mason and Hiller were among the favorites. I totally agree with you on Price, and I heard that it was a high ankle injury. Crosby missed 30 games in the previous season with the same injury. I was watching Price yesterday in the 2008 playoff run, there is no reason not to believe this guy will succeed especially with an improved D in from of him.

    Oh and on the Sudin saga, the old adage “be careful what you wish for” could be applied here. Lang was a much more valuable aquisition for us than Sundin ever was for the Canucks.

  6. It’s my understanding that the league is not thrilled with these long term contracts and may look for a way to close this loop hole. If that is the case then Carey had better do his break out season sooner than later.

  7. Hey Moey;Yes you are correct,Robert Lang was by far a greater addition to the team then Sundin would have been.I remember when Gainey was pursuing Mats and I didn’t think it was a good idea then.I think that we lost Lang though did we not?Carey Price will be back this year and perform very nicely.

  8. Moey, just so you know where I stand about Carey Price: He was the best goalie in all of junior and when Gainey chose him as his first pick, most were surprised but also knew what Gainey was doing. You don’t pass up a blue-chip goalie if you have a chance to get him. When he started playing with the Habs, he was excellent, with poise beyond his years. But then something weird happened. They traded Huet away and made Price the number one guy, even though he was so young with very little experience. And then things started to crack and he really never regained that poise he had previously. If Gainey made him number one, then fans expect him to play like a number one. When he’s the go-to guy, we can’t just sit back and try to be patient with him. I know he’s got what it takes but he hasn’t shown it in the last season and a half. He’s let in some fluff balls, and goals you and I could’ve stopped. So we ask why. Is he totally committed to improving? Has the money and lifestyle affected him? Maybe it’s injuries. But he hasn’t played nearly to his capabilities, or to what the team needs him to play like because he’s the number one guy. I believe in him and I believe he can come back and be a star. But truthfully, he’s scared us with his poor play, and if a team is going to be successful, it starts between the pipes. I know you and Number 31 have got your backs up defending him, and good for you. But the bottom line is, he has to play better. And we as fans haven’t liked what we’ve seen from him. It’s very hard to just back off on this because the season the guys had last year was so dismal, so disappointing. We really, really need Price standing on his head.

  9. Dennis,

    I agree his play last year was less than stellar. Maybe I’m not coming accross properly, it takes goaltenders the longest to develop. There have been exceptions of course, Kenny Dryden and Roy come to mind. Fleury had his fair share of critics too, but he’s come into his own. Price didn’t ask to come and play for the Habs, being the number one in Montreal is a hell of a lot of pressure for a young guy. He’s got all the tools he needs now and a fresh start. If he’s crap, I’ll be the first to admit it. Teams are built from the goaltending out, yes he has to be solid and be able to steal a few games for us to have a chance at going anywhere. My biggest beef is that he was booed out of the Bell Center at the end of the season, that wasn’t fair.

  10. I’m with you all the way about the booing. No young player playing in a pressure cooker needs that. It’s unfair and childish from these boo birds. I really wish he had a veteran backup to mentor him. I’m going to support him like crazy this year. And keep my fingers crossed.

  11. What happens if Luongo loses his touch after five years, or is injured after two years, or gets a reputation of a poor playoff goalie every year? And he has a 12 year contract?

  12. Im pretty sure Carey Price will come out of the gates as a totally different goalie this year. His potential is unlimited but its up to him to tap in to it. I agree with what Moey is saying, and he really hit it bang on with his comparison to Marc-andre Fleury. You know where i stand on this topic anyways so I wont get into that to much. Im hoping Luongo doesnt lose his touch or get tagged with being a bad playoff goalie, I think his work ethic and desire to win will keep that from being a problem.

  13. If Luongo gets tagged as a poor playoff performer, it’s going to be long 12 years for all concerned. And we’re keeping our fingers crossed about Price. It’s going to be a really interesting season. Can’t wait.

  14. All Price has to do is focus on hockey.
    He has to stop partying like its going out of style.
    and leave the young skirts alone

    Like other players that have passed through MOntreal, Price has felt the lure of downtown Montreal living. When Huet was on the team he had someone looking after him.

    Wake up Carey.
    I don’t think the Luongo contract is a factor to Price or any other pro. They make tons as is, and if they haven’t figured out a retirement plan already they need new managers

  15. Thanks Frank. It’s the long-term security I’m talking about, not the money. And I also mean that if Price doesn’t get the job done, he won’t be in the league. It’s the 12 years, no the money.

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