A Big Thanks And Merci

To everyone here and on Facebook, Twitter, and Hockey Inside Out, I’d like to say thank you so much for your well-wishes on our upcoming move to Montreal. It’s a big chapter about to begin for Luci and I.

I even saw the little wooden bastard Gaston shed a tear, but I think it was only because he’s emotional at the thought of those beautiful Montreal women.

It’s a chance to work for such an iconic company, Classic Auctions; it’s a chance to live in Montreal, a city I have great affection for; it’s a chance to be near the team which is so close to my heart; it’s a chance to be near Ontario, where so many of my friends and family are; and it’s a chance to simply try something new, late in life, instead of sitting around and not doing much and getting fat and even more homely than I already am.

I was about 14 the first time I was ever in Montreal, when a friend and I took a bus from Orillia to see a game at the old Forum, which was several years before the 1968 renovations. I can remember waking up on Sunday morning in the downtown hotel and looking out the window and thinking that the Montreal Canadiens players were at home somewhere not far away, and I wondered what they might be doing.

It was magical for me, and the memories have remained lodged in my little memory bank. What’s left of it.

Cripes, I think I even heard church bells ringing. Yes indeed, it was a holy moment.

As an adult living in Ottawa, I’d go to the Forum several times a year, and in summer I’d often make the two-hour trek down to see the Expos, a team I absolutely loved, at the horrific Olympic Stadium, which I absolutely despised.

Now I’m going back to Montreal, only this time to live. It might not be for a long time, but then again it might. It all depends on how the job feels, and whether I’ll be suitable for the good folks at Classic.

I’ve always been one to take chances and move around, it’s in my blood, and I can’t wait to get this thing going. Even the drive across is going to be great.

Your comments are so much appreciated. My blog has been a vehicle to something very special, which is the connection I’ve made with you, and although I think I’ll be very busy in this new job, my little site will carry on. I’ll make time for it. It’s become too important to me to discard.

Thanks again for your wonderful messages. I’m very touched.

10 thoughts on “A Big Thanks And Merci”

  1. You taught me what the community of Hab bloggers should aspire to; Everyone is welcome.

    Thanks for that. I will always remember that you were the one that showed me around and made sure I felt welcome.


  2. When P K roars down-ice with de puck, the crowd standing, screaming,the goalie down and beat, the cameras circling the fans—–THERE’S DENNIS AND LUCI !!!! Enjoy the trip East,tip your hat to the first farmhouse east of Brandon Man.– my 65 GMC panel truck broke down on way to Yukon in ’79. Bienvenue le Belle Province !!!

  3. Now Marc Bergevin and Geoff Molson have no excuses.

    They can just go knock on your door to get the greatest stickboy the Habs have ever had.

  4. Dennis,

    Glad to hear your site will continue….It is one of my “daily reads”

    I was born and raised in Montreal…my family is still there so I go back several times a year (hockey season)…love to share a beer with you sometime….good luck on your move….

    and tell Gaston to leave some of those beautiful women for us!!

  5. SkyKing, with Gaston, whatever I tell him goes in one wooden ear and out the other. I think it’s dry rot. And yes, having a beer together would be great and I’d love to.

  6. Danno, if Bergevin and Molson don’t give me the stickboy job, I just might start flirting with their wives. That’ll teach them.

  7. Peter Hab, I’ll watch for the 65 GMC and go through the glove compartment. Maybe you have old phone numbers in there you’ll want back!

  8. Thank you HDS. I always felt that any Habs fan out there has a connection with me. But I’ve also learned that it doesn’t always work that way. But for me it does. I feel we should be a kind of fraternity. Us against the rest.

  9. DK, your site is a ray of sunshine on a very dreary day!! I also am glad you plan to continue but I would not have expected any less from you, I know first hand HOW much this GREAT site means to you & your loyal readers. As for Gaston maybe on the trip East you could drop him off in Winterpeg!
    Cheers Buddy!

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