A Big Night In Several Ways

On a night my daughter goes into labour in Nelson and is set to give me a brand new grandbaby, the Canadiens trooped into Washington, spotted the Capitals a 2-0 lead, and then proceeded to tie and then win in a shootout.

Thanks to Brian Gionta, someone I’ve been less than patient with lately, but now is my new favourite player, at least until tomorrow. If my daughter has a boy, can she name it Brian Gionta? I’ll ask my son-in-law when I get the big phone call.

It was an excellent comeback road win, the team didn’t panic when they were down by two in the first, and if I could, I’d buy them all a beer. Maybe three. No more than that, though. They have to play tomorrow in Montreal against Florida and they don’t need hangovers.

It certainly wasn’t just Gionta who stepped up, although he scored both regulation markers and then the shootout winner, but credit also to Tomas Plekanec and Scott Gomez, who played with smarts and poise, and to a supporting team that should all share in the game puck. Cut the biscuit in twenty pieces. Everyone deserves the huge kudos tonight.

I’m very proud of the team. It was a great way to start the second part of this long season, and can you imagine how many f-bombs were spewing, or still may be spewing, from Bruce Boudreau’s mouth afterwards?

Random Notes:

Montreal outshot the Caps 38-29

Carolina, in ninth place, lost 3-2 to Boston tonight. How great is that?

Carey Price allowed one soft goal, the Caps first, but in general was solid and deserves much credit.

Alex Ovechkin wasn’t overly dangerous or impressive. Maybe he’s so busy making commercials he isn’t completely focused anymore.

Florida comes-a-callin Wednesday at the Bell.

Now, back to waiting by the phone.

15 thoughts on “A Big Night In Several Ways”

  1. Hey Dennis, Well lets hope you can be as happy about the birth of your Grandchild as you are the Habs win tonite.I think they had a great comeback,and applaud them all.Just think that once your grandchild is born,you can wash them and Dryden,you can Carey them around when need be, and when they need potty training you can say P.K. I hope all goes well for your daughter and her newborn child.

  2. Thanks, Derry. I’m waiting impatiently by the phone. This will be my 4th granchild and should be any time now. I can’t wait but it’s also a nervous time. Big night, personal and hockey-wise.

  3. Good luck with the new grandchild Dennis.

    Ovie is such a crybaby. Everyone was crying for a slashing penalty when Ovie’s stick was broken but if you check the replay it was Ovie who slashed at Halpern and broke his own stick. I was afraid the refs were going to even that out and call a stupid penalty in the 3rd against Mtl. They didnt and I thought they did an all right job tonight (the refs). Haven’t felt that way in a long time. Man, that Gionta can be a sniper. Him and Plekky should be the only ones allowed to shoot as the rest can score worth crap (especially AK – almost invisible again). Not many glaring errors but Wiz looked weak on D several times and Subban took another foolish penalty. Just fight Ovie instead of a little punch. Kids gotta smarten up at times but he did play well most of the night.

  4. Thanks Mayo. Still waiting to hear about baby. Pouliot was quiet tonight. And you’re right about Ovie and PK and all that. PK still has some learning curves to go through. It was a bad penalty. And yes, as long as Gionta hits the net, he’s dangerous, and maybe tonight was the beginning of big things for him now. We need him to perform the way he can. All in all, it was a great win.

  5. Dennis, have you noticed that whenever you give one of our Habs heck for not doing enough they seem to come alive? Keep on doing that. It works.

    Hoping all goes well for your new grandchild. Although, she might get a bit of teasing going around with a name like Brian Gionta.

  6. Danno, it’s true. Kostitsyn, Pouliot, Gomez, Gionta, Cammy…the list goes on. I give them shit and they play like Howie Morenz. This must be a gift I’ve been given. And let’s see….who else needs it?
    I don’t care. The baby needs a fine name. A little teasing never hurt anyone. Look how Dweezil and Moon Unit Zappa turned out. Fine outstanding citizens (I think). I’m going to insist on Brian Gionta. Brian Gionta Lewis.

  7. Congrats on the grandchild, Dennis!

    Gionta’s getting the job done right now, the team’s quite lucky that somebody’s stepping up to the plate when their important players are all injured.
    Ovechkin on his part needs to change his game IF he wants to improve (I’m fine with it), all teams have found out how to play against him, his moves have become routine.
    Carey also caught a break on Ovie’s shootout attempt, I don’t understand why he decided to shoot low, if he lifted it just a TINY bit, he would have extended the the shootout

  8. I’ve taken on a new job Dennis and I had to get up at 3:45 today in order to make it in for 4:30 this morning and to beat the Snowmageden we were supposed to get pounded with. The storm ended up being your run-of-the-mill 10 cm dumping with drifts. As for the new job it’s pretty tough, but everyone tells me eventually it will get better once I get used to it.

    Can’t wait for Friday…

    Dennis, can you give Cammarelli just a little bit of shit too please? I think it would be just what the doctor ordered.

    And I have to say I missed the third period on account of having to get up so early. But Carey Price certainly demonstrated some major-league character to keep the score tied at two a piece for the rest of the game after what looked like a shaky first period.

    I think Bruce F Boudreau’s potty mouth probably needs a good scrubbing with a toilet brush and some Sani-Flush after the Caps blew their early lead and lost the game.

    I like the looks of this little chart Dennis…


    And this is looking pretty good too…


  9. Thanks, Phil. My daughter is still at the hospital and still no baby. Everything’s taking longer than we thought. But they said she’s fine.
    You’re right, Ovechkin’s moves have been figured out. Although the players poll said he was the hardest in the league to stop. Montreal played an excellent road game and it became a great night after bei9ng down by two, At that point I was depressed but things picked up considerably. Now they have to win at home tonight against the Panthers.

  10. They continue to surprise, Danno. At least surprise the TSN and CBC panels. They were given practically no chance by TSN last night, both against the Caps and to make the playoffs. And these guys said very little after Montreal came back to win. It never stops. When are the Habs going to get respect?

  11. Congrats Dennis and to your daughter and the family. Hope everything continues to go along well.

    How would your daughter feel about a website where we can text a name for your new grandchild? I don’t mean just a one time thing, I mean after every game Brian Gionta Lewis gets a new name. Something similar to how we can choose the Molson 3 stars. Or we can go the easy route and use the game’s top Canadien star.

    Or we can honour the day and name him after Wiarton (ON) Willie, Balzac (AB) Billy or Punxsutawney (PA) Phil.

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