A Big Night During A Lonely Time

I was living in an upstairs room of a house on Broadview Ave. in Toronto, lonely, broke, and depressed, and I could hear the Habs-Leafs game on the TV downstairs. So I kind of sat at the top of the stairs until the family, whom I didn’t know at all, noticed me. Maybe I coughed or something.

They invited me into their living room to watch the game with them, which I was hoping they would do. It was a time when I had nothing, just a radio and some clothes, and to see a Canadiens game in a family setting was a wonderful thing.

It was January 19, 1972 (I looked it up), and there was no scoring until Pete Mahovlich scored with just one and a half seconds left on the clock, and the Canadiens won 1-0. The family was pissed but I jumped for joy.

I’ve never forgotten that evening.

Thank you, family on Broadview. And thank you Peter.

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  1. It’s funny how certain moments will always stick with you. I bet after you left the husband said “that’s it, he’s not welcome here again!”

    I think one of my moments, and this is a bad one, is the big comeback game against the Rangers a few years ago. I was watching the game and it was 3-0 and my friend called. He recommended I watch something else so I did (we kept talking on the phone and I was fed up with the team).

    Time passed and I turned back to the game for the hell of it and figured it would be 7-0 or something. Nope, it was 5-5. Was I ever pissed off.

    That’s why to this day I will never stop watching a game until the final buzzer.

  2. Can you imagine seeing Pete Mahovlich in today’s equipment? I remember seeing him break a stick over his knee and there’s the time he rescued Alan Eagleson from the Russian police. He was one of my favorite players. I was disappointed when he was traded away.

  3. Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful video of blades and brass (I think that is what it’s called). Lovely stuff.

  4. My pleasure, V. I just love seeing old clips and when it’s such great quality like this one, it makes it really special. Big Jean is so smooth and a real treat to see.

  5. Dishonest John, I really liked Pete too. He had such great hands, and was a suberb stickhandler. That shorthanded goal in game 2 in Toronto during the 1972 Summit Series was a thing to behold. And yes, he rescued Eagleson in Moscow from the Soviet police. I wonder if after Pete found out the Eagle was stealing from the players’ pensions, he might have wished he wouldn’t have intervened!

  6. Darth, those were dark times for me. Later on that year I took a two week bartending course and ended up working at the Holiday Inn in Sudbury, where I saw the ’72 Summit Series on TV.

  7. Hey Dennis, I was a big fan of Peter as well.I sent away and recieved his autograph when he was with the Habs,not a photocopy but an actual handwritten type.I loved to watch him play and he was of a very good sense of humor.I remember watching him get into a fight ,winning against I forget, but getting jup from the ice and a big grin on his face as he blew a big bubble from the gum he was chewing.I was also upset when Pete was trade to the Penguins,he was my favorite for sure.

  8. Hi Derry, I believe it was Peter who started the practice of throwing pucks into the stands. I remember him doing it when no one else did.

  9. Hi Dennis

    I have just seen the end of a soccer game (League of Champions) won 1-0 by Marseille over Milan, by a 93rd minute goal. I thought: have I ever seen a hockey game decided 1-0 so late? And then I remembered this game when (in my souvenir) Henri Richard had taken the face-off with 6 seconds remaining, and Mahovlich had scored with 2 seconds left (the only discrepancy between my view and yours!).

    Out of curiosity, in order to find the exact day and year, I went on Google search and typed: Canadien 1 Toronto 0 Peter Mahovlich. The only relevant page was yours, and scored number 9 in the list. What a magic!

    Happy to share it with you.


  10. Jean-Pierre, that’s awesome and thanks for this. Yes, I think the clock said 1.5 seconds or something like that, so I think officially it’s 2 seconds. But I’ve always had in my mind it was a second, even though I’m probably just off the mark. I’m really glad you found my site through this. C’mon back. There’s lots of good stuff here.

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