A Better Night For Briere?

Philadelphia Flyers v Montreal Canadiens

We’re 32 games into the season, not all that far off from the midway point, and Daniel Briere has played in 22 of them, with a tremendously mediocre 5 goals and 5 assists thus far.

Tonight Briere returns to his former home, Philadelphia, and if he doesn’t show zip and goes through the motions like we’ve mostly seen so far, then maybe it’s time to give up on the guy and say yes, this was a mistake signing and Marc Bergevin, as smart as he is, wasn’t so smart on this one.

Briere’s older (36), slower, and lacks the good hands he once had. But all we’re asking is a touch of the old good hands. Especially against his former team, on a night when his brand new team needs an important rebounding after having their bums kicked by the L.A.Kings.

It should be an emotional night for Briere. Surely he’ll play with passion.

Or maybe not.

It’ll be interesting to see.

16 thoughts on “A Better Night For Briere?”

  1. My FB feed will explode if the Flyers win (because we all know how classy Flyers fans are), as I lived in or just outside Philadelphia for almost 19 years.

  2. If they win, Ian, un-friend them immediately after the game so you don’t have to deal with it!

    I don’t know about Briere. Do you think he may still have concussion issues or is playing soft to avoid another one?

  3. I think Briere is just one of those guys who loses it in his mid-30s. It happens to the majority and it’s only a small percentage who continue strong until 40 – like Selanne.

  4. That would eliminate about half my friend list, Marjo–I can’t do that, unfortunately! I’ll just have to remind them that most of them were still wee ones the last time the Flyers won a Stanley Cup! 😉

    Dennis, if you’ll recall I was against this signing, and time is proving me right, at least so far. I wanted to be wrong, but another small, finesse player is not what the team needed, and Flyers fans, in their rare moments of sanity, would be the first to tell you that Briere’s skills were already declining his last two years in Philadelphia.

  5. Ian, there had to be a good reason why the Flyers bought him out, and we’re seeing why. Unless he surprises us, this was a mistake. Too old, too small, too slow.You were absolutely right.

  6. LOL, Danno (about the Annoying Orange). I don’t know that the Flyers sold the Habs defective goods. It seems more to me like they discarded something in the trash, and the Habs decided to pluck it out of the can before the trash truck could haul it away.

    Dennis, the Flyers decided that Briere was not worth the cap hit, given what he was producing, or more appropriately, given the fact that he was either always injured or that he was not producing. It’s one of the few good business decisions the Philadelphia management team has made over the last few seasons. Briere has shown flashes of what he was, and of the player who helped destroy the Habs in the 2008 and 2010 playoffs, but it’s been just that, flashes. There’s been no consistency to his game, and there are large stretches where he’s completely invisible.

  7. To me this was a ridiculously bad signing regardless of how well Brière performs.

    The Flyers bought him out because he wasn’t worth his $6.5M cap hit. However he would only have averaged $2.5M salary over the next two years. We or any team could have traded a doughnut for him and only paid that much. For me that would have been the realistic upper limit on his salary, instead we threw $4M at him. And because he was over 35, this contract can’t be bought out or buried in the minors.

  8. Christopher, yikes! Your numbers really hit home.But why would Bergevin and a handful of other braintrust sit down and decide to do it? It’s confusing.

  9. Will the Habs beat the Flyers tonight?

    Ask 8 Ball…


  10. Briere was a bad deal. I don’t see him just having a few off games like DD and then bouncing back. Is it me, or do others think he doesn’t look into if anymore. He only signed for a year, right?

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