A Beautiful Hockey Mom Gone But Never Forgotten

Nearly two years ago, ex-Vancouver Canuck and great friend to many, Powell River’s Gary Lupul, passed away. It was very difficult for the family of course, but his mom and dad and sisters and brothers carried on, and whenever I’d see any of them around town, they’d  have a smile on their face and a warm greeting.

Now, this week, Gary’s mom Jean has lost her long battle with cancer that she had fought with dignity, courage, and humour. The disease had went away but came back, but she still smiled and still wanted to know how everyone around her was. Gary developed this wonderful trait also. It was always about everyone else, never about themselves.

Jean Lupul was a beautiful 76 year old woman who always smiled, always wore nice, stylish clothes, and was in great shape because she went on long walks every day of her life. Gary would tell her I was coming for dinner and she would have a big plate put out for me, welcome me, and want to know how everything in my life was going. And she was wonderful around little kids, just as Gary was. 

She loved to travel, and it was only recently she saw New York with her daughters. In fact, almost every year she’d go to some part of the world and come back with tales to tell around the kitchen table.

Jean was a kind, classy, well-spoken woman who leaves behind her husband Vic, three children and six grandchildren. It must be so difficult for the Lupuls to first lose Gary, and now this loving matriarch. But they have a whole town to help them through this.

I hadn’t even heard she had gone until I read it in the paper. Now I have a big lump in my throat that won’t go away.


These are photos of Gary Lupul battling with Gordie Howe, and taking a faceoff with Marcel Dionne.

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