A Beautiful Brick

Classic Auctions founder and president Marc Juteau gave me a going away gift before I left, and it now sits in my living room, reminding me of my special time there.

I remain tremendously proud of having worked at Classic, and I’ll never forget the job and the people I worked with. What a great bunch – Marc, Frank, Sean, Gilles, Dan, Josee, Debbie, Andre, Maude, Scott, Mathieu, and Greg. They became my friends, and they’re awesome.

Marc’s gift was a brick from the original Montreal Forum, before the building was renovated in 1968, placed into a special case, and with a plaque and Certificate of Authenticity from the Montreal Canadiens. I love it so much.


Below, photos I took of the old Forum circa 1965, when I was 14 or 15. My buddy and I had taken a bus charter from Orillia to Montreal to see the Canadiens play the Rangers, and I still remember the magical feelings I had of the city.

And of course I remember the old Forum with the pillars on each side, and where, when the game was over, we made our way down and stared at the ice until we were told to leave.

The Forum would eventually be renovated and enlarged in 1968, but this is the old barn. Maybe one of the bricks you see in these photos is the one I have now.





And a cool whimsical illustration of inside, from my old scrapbook.


8 thoughts on “A Beautiful Brick”

  1. Hey Dennis, What a great way of saying thanks to you, I’m sure won’t be used to keep the garbage can lid from blowing off. I would think that they were pretty happy with your work, great momento.

  2. Pretty sure they were happy with my work, Derry. I worked hard, was doing something I knew quite a bit about, was mentored by a fantastic guy Francis Brodeur, and they told me on several occasions that they were very happy with me. I remain proud.

  3. Glad you made it safe and sound to PR. The brick and your pics bring back fond memories of ye olde Forum.
    However I think the artist MacPherson took some artistic liberties with his sketch…I don’t recall the time clock being center ice….well not until the Forum was revamped with the
    obstructing support beams removed. I remember there being a time clock at the far end of the building.
    Keep dry and don’t forget your umbrella!

  4. Hi Ed. There are some differences in the pic. He has 3 beams on one half of one side, but it was 3 all along each side. I believe the seat colours are different too. But all in all, it’s a neat picture. That old clock you mention had a big British Consols sign underneath I think. And yes, it’s wet here for sure. It’s not perfect weather by any stretch, but it’s not all that cold. Just a damp cold. Still have to bundle up.

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