A Beautiful Area And An Old Habs Draft Pick

We’re sitting in our friends’ amazing house built on fifty acres of bushland near Peterborough, and after working our way through the Toronto area, this is about as serene as it gets.

I read a few years ago that Hwy 401 from Oakville to Whitby is the busiest stretch of highway in North America and I believe it. And this from someone who was stuck in traffic on L.A. freeways.

Central Ontario gets a bad rap from those who’ve never been or once rushed through. It can be stunningly beautiful. Turning off the main highway and making our way along country roads was a sensational experience. I’d almost forgotten how nice central Ontario is after spending so many years near mountains and beside the ocean.

Although I’ve never been to Ireland, I think it probably looks like this. Nice rolling hills, full of green fields and old barns. A few leprechauns now and again.

Maybe I don’t have to go to Ireland now. I’ll just visit the Peterborough area from time to time and bring some Guinness.

I think every part of Canada has its own big-time beauty, and around here is definitely no exception.


My friend Mike Mohun, who grew up in Orillia the same time as me, sent me a great article from the Orillia Packet and Times about John French, a guy I played hockey and baseball with when I was a kid, and someone I’ve mentioned several times here.

I often played on the same line as John, he was way better than me and everybody else, and he was our catcher when our peewee baseball team rolled over all challengers.

John was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens and in training camp played on the same line as Jean Beliveau and Yvan Cournoyer. He also roomed with Ken Dryden.

A really interesting piece, and can be seen here – Little Guy Made It To The Bigs

I just don’t remember him as being little.


Luci doesn’t know it yet but in awhile, she’s going for her first Harley ride. I can’t wait to see this. My Luci, on the back of a Harley, roaring down the road. Biker chick.


6 thoughts on “A Beautiful Area And An Old Habs Draft Pick”

  1. Hey Dennis ,The last time I was in Peterborough was with my uncle in 1995.His next door neibhor and my uncle and I went to a pub there.My uncle didn’t drink so the ride home was ok,his buddy and I downed a few though.The name of the pub was Fridays if I remember right.I hope you have a great and safe ride on the Harley,no catwalking eh.

  2. re you passing through Cobourg along the way? That’s where my uncle and aunt used to live before they passed away.Lynda and I were there 5 years ago, beautiful old town that was once considered to become the capital of Canada.

  3. Derry, Luci was in Coburg today on the Harley, and later on we went into Port Hope, which is a real nice little town.

  4. If your not in a hurry too much, the drive up ‘ole # 2 hwy thru northnumberland county and east ward is WONDERFUL!! The shimmy iny the front wheels is only the wore-out hwy 401— my brother sent many a rider on their way with that advice to put their credit cards away

  5. Hey Dennis ,Farlley Mowat lives in Port Hope,we went to his house the last time we were there,he wasn’t home though.

  6. Derry, yeah, we were talking about him tomorrow. My friends think he’s at his summer home in PEI now.

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