11 thoughts on “6-2 Flyers”

  1. Now Lafleur is correct when he said it is a team of 3rd and 4th liners. Right now the only way to have a complete 1st line would be to put Pleks on with Gomez and Gionta. That was a bad game made only slightly bearable by the play of Subban. That and Price made some good saves. The big complaint against Halak is shot, rebound, score. The Flyers did that on what their first three goals? Brutal. Martin is looking more and more like a mistake as the coach but I don’t see Gauthier giving him the hook, not with their history.

  2. John, I agree with every word you said. And you’re absolutely right, Subban was the one bright light. I still haven’t a clue why they traded for Dominic Moore. What am I missing on this one? Another smallish forward with mediocre career numbers. How come?

  3. Martin failed at coaching that one. Should have started Price, fresh off being screwed Friday and still fresh from the emotions. Should have started the best line (gio/gomez/pyatt) or the banger line (moen/metro/lapierre). All the emotion and momentum from Friday went psssssssssssssssssh…

  4. Dennis, it was a St. Valentine’s Day Massacre delivered one day early this year.
    It was interesting to observe Halak after he let in three goals. Unlike Price, he could not stem the tide and had to be pulled after five goals. This was not the kind of thing he needed before the Olympics. And it highlighted the fact that our goalies, as good as they are, cannot be counted on to perform miracles when the team lacks both offense and defense.
    Aside from the red lamp behind our net, PK Subban was the only other bright light for us.
    Maybe once the injured are returned to the roster after the Olympics, we will be able to put together a string of wins. But time is running out. We really should have at least split the two games with Philly.
    Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Didn’t.

  5. Danno, I guess they’ve sent PK back down. Sometimes I don’t understand all the politics involved. That’s why I’m sticking to stickboy instead of GM.

  6. Dennis, I wouldn’t read too much into Subban being sent down now. It could be as simple as to give him 2 weeks of games while the NHL shuts down. But I also think leading the Bulldogs to a championship would be better for his overall development.

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