4-1 Win In Ottawa Puts Habs In Playoff Spot. Now They Have To Stay There

I’ve decided to do something different tonight. I’ve decided not to bother with all the ins-and-outs of what happened in the big 4-1 win in Ottawa tonight.

You know how it all played out. You saw the shots on goal margin, the great saves by Halak, the nice Plekanec-to-Cammalleri goal and the pinball shot by Marc-Andre Bergeron. You saw Scott Gomez become a huge penalty-killer, and you hardly saw Alex Kovalev in his Sens uniform because it was one of those nights when Alex decided to go on coffee break..

He’s been known to do that on occasion.

You also saw Jaroslav Spacek go down with an injury, and pretty soon if these parade of injuries don’t stop, I’m going back to church and start asking questions. I’m owed. Owed big time. I was an altar boy for goodness sakes. All those early mornings during summer holidays when I had to get up at the crack of dawn to do the altar-boying. That time when I set myself on fire lighting candles. Or how I almost tripped several times in front of a church full of people because my robe was too long.

Hey, Man upstairs. I’m owed. So enough with the injuries already.

I also read the other day about a crazy trade rumour involving Edmonton and Montreal. Whoever wrote the story (in a CBC article) came up with this: Sheldon Souray and Andrew Cogliano for both Kostitsyn’s. This is probably just a silly rumour but I’m mentioning it because in this blog, it’s all the news that’s fit to print.

Random Notes:

To all the Habs fans who became Senators supporters and tossed the Habs aside like an old oily rag when Ottawa got a team, please don’t cry in your corn flakes.

Habs were outshot 46-27. I have no comment on this, except good for Jaroslav Halak.

Thursday, Pittsburgh’s in Montreal.

19 thoughts on “4-1 Win In Ottawa Puts Habs In Playoff Spot. Now They Have To Stay There”

  1. Oops, I might have caused Spacek’s injury with my glib remarks. When Mara went down, I assumed Bergeron would return to defence, but instead Montreal called up White again. So I take it back, I don’t want to see Bergeron on defence, let both injuries be minor and let them take their regular shifts against Pittsburgh.

  2. Geez, Christopher, if you’re going to be a high-level executive when I own the team, you can’t be putting hex’s on the players. Please channel this injury energy to Crosby and Malkin and see what you can do about them instead.

  3. For some reason I thought White was a defenceman. Sorry it’s late.
    But I’ll do my best to get Sidney to pull his groin some more.

  4. Hey Dennis;Didn’t see the game but watched the highlites on tsn,pretty nice goal Cammelerie scored,but an even better set up by Plekanecs.I’m glad to see the Habs winning with frequency once again with a big help from their goaltenders,do we have to be outshot every game?

  5. Souray and Cogliano, for the Kostitsyn’s? NO THANK YOU
    The brothers haven’t recently caught fire and have been racking up the points.
    Plus, Souray is a terrible defensemen. I might miss his blast from the point, but not so much his half witted turnovers. and it doesn’t help that he’s known for getting injured. we don’t want one more on the IR list.

    Now on the game.
    Plekanec and Cammalleri seem to be clicking, and if Andrei Kostitsyn catches up to their rate, they might make a lethal trio.

    Bergeron, makes up his horrid defense by scoring, Thank God…. I mean, Thank goodness, almost forgot you were an Altar Boy.

    it’s also great to see both goalies play well at the same time. I won’t have to worry when Halak takes over anymore.
    Halak was truely amazing today.

    Do I hear Rocket Richard trophy to Cammalleri? Maybe.

  6. Well, the boys didn’t disappoint with the final result last night. Good to see a game live with all the new faces this year.

    Man, is Laraque slow! And Andrei K. had more than his fair share of brain farts last night– so many blind backhanded passes to Sens players.

    The boos for Kovalev everytime he touched the puck were really loud. I’m not sure if the majority of the noise was coming from embittered Habs fans, or the more recently pissed Sens supporters. After listening to a lovely young thing call Alex K. every naughty word I ever learned in French, I tried my best to console her. “Now you know how Habs fans felt last year? But don’t worry, he’s good for a couple highlight reel goals on the PP for season.” I’m not certain my pep talk picked up her spirits too much, though.

    So, the Pens on Thursday. Don’t we have some revenge to exact on them for the spanking they gave us when we last met?

    Go Habs Go!

  7. Dennis, you were an alter boy? So thats what happened to the Catholic Church. lol, they didn’t see you coming? 🙂 kidding.

    How about Markov skating? Will be amazing seeing his skill with MAB’s shot? The boys are playing a lot better than before. Good to see Jaro and Price playing well, good to see D blocking shots. Chemistry starting to come together. Can you imagine second half of season? Hopefully Gionta is back in a week. This team could surprise. and hopefully that empty netter will trigger Gomez to bigger and better things. We need at least 30 goals from this $7M man.

  8. Kovalev is getting some bad press lately in Ottawa and the comments in the local paper are not flattering. But Clouston and the media cannot scold or shame this superb athlete into performing at a higher level. Kovalev is L’Artiste and can only put the puck in the net frequently if he feels the love. The love just isn’t there, he is homesick for his adoring fans in Montreal and nostalgic for the days when he was greeted as a god by loyal Hab fans.
    Bring on the love – the REAL love – and Kovi will score. Hate him and he will hate you back.

  9. Thanks, Subdoxastic; Laraque sure is slow. I still haven’t come to grips on why he’s on the team. If he had more of a mean streak I might understand it better. I just don’t know how he helps the team that much. And Kovalev? I’ll bet the boos are from both sides – Sens and Habs fans. He’s an enigma, just like Churchill called his native land. But I’m glad you saw it live and the Habs won. Must have been fun and I’m quite jealous. I’ve also heard the Ottawa rink is one of the quieter ones in the league. Is that true?

  10. Mayo, when I set myself on fire when I was lighting candles, maybe I could’ve sued. Maybe not. Any you know waht? I hated being an altar boy. I was in grade seven and the priest came into our class and told all the boys they were now altar boys. We didn’t have a choice. It really sucked and I was lousy at it. The boys are playing better and I think the shots against are up only because the defence is hurting and not geling. If everyone was healthy I don’t think the shots would be that high. And you’re so right – Gomez needs to get going and maybe he needs Gionta. I’m pretty proud of the boys for doing this well considering the problems they’ve had. And a nice win over Pittsburgh would be perfect.

  11. Excellent words, Danno. Kovalev is not going to change, it’s a simple fact of life. He teases, then he lets them down. Kind of like a few girlfriends I’ve had.

  12. That’s right Dennis, don’t they understand you can’t ask a leopard to change its spots? They just aren’t classy enough in Ottawa to understand the complexities of the relationship.
    I’m glad you did not over-analyze the game and why the Habs won last night. For your information, the real reason they won was because I removed the key fob from my lucky Habs key holder and put it on the zipper of my parka on Friday before we beat Boston. This small move, I am convinced has caused a change in the cosmic alignment and consequently has resulted in the Habs being undefeated in their second century.

  13. Danno, the key thing was a brilliant move. You’ve changed the alignment and I thank you. When I’m owner, I’m moving you up. You and Christopher will be basically running the team while I make sure the players’ wives are comfortable. You’ve deserved this promotion. But now, will the key stay in the parka or is there more strategy involved?

  14. There’s much more but I cannot divulge too many details at present. What I can tell you is that I may be moved to poetry if I feel inspired. That ode to Carey which I penned in November had a lot to do with why we beat Washington.
    Also, my brother bought this beautiful area rug with the big CH on it for my dad for Xmas. It will proudly be placed in front of the fireplace among all his Habs memorabilia – he has lots. I have researched Feng Shui and the Chi energy created by the rug is very positive.
    I know that these small moves may seem trivial and of no consequence to some, but I am confident that the placement of the rug in front of my father’s fireplace will result very good things for the Habs.
    This is in keeping with the Butterfly effect which can be described as the propensity of a system to be sensitive to initial conditions.Such systems over time become unpredictable,this idea gave rise to the notion of a butterfly flapping it’s wings in one area of the world,causing a tornado or some such weather event to occur in another remote area of the world.
    For more on the Butterfly effect:

  15. Danno, your family is an excellent family. May you all live to be 100 years old. And in keeping with the Butterfly effect, if my mother had been born in Montreal instead of northern Ontario, she might have met the Rocket and they fell in love and I would’ve been little Dennis Richard!

  16. Danno;Where could a person purchase a rug like the one you mentioned?I have always wondered if anything like that was available

  17. Derry, I’m not sure where my Bro bought his but I do know that Home Depot, of all places carries Montreal Canadiens rugs in many styles and sizes. If you click on the images on this link you will see that they carry others that are not illustrated on the same page.
    There is even a mamoth rug with the big CH at 5’4″ x 7’8″.
    Whichever one you choose I am sure it will look handsome in your den or living room.


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