3rd Pick. Is That Good?

We’re in Anaheim, California, late in the evening, and I’ve just found out only now that we have the third pick in the June draft.

Those Edmonton bastards. Again they get a young world-class stud, for the third year in a row. (Taylor Hall and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins came before). Is it because their weather sucks so much that the hockey gods feel sorry for them?

Regardless, I’m not excited and I apologize to everyone who has their hopes higher than Timothy Leary at a Merry Pranksters party. I’ve seen too many times over the years a high draft pick turning out to be sour as sour can be. Neil Brady (3rd), Wayne McBean (4th), Pat Falloon (2nd), and Alexandre Volchenhov (1st) didn’t exactly set the world on fire.

The NHL road is littered with high picks that died quicker than American Idol top 20 winners.

I hate to be negative but I can`t help it. We’ll see who the Canadiens take in June, and we’ll see the impact he makes when he finally dons the CH. But I’m just not excited at this time. I’m jaded. I’m sorry. Good night. I just wish we could have had a shot at Nail Yakupov.

And who are some of the other choices involved besides Yakupov?

Mathew Dumba, a smallish defenceman. Filip Forsberg, a smallish left winger. Ryan Murray, a nice-sized defenceman. Alex Galchenyuk, a tall centreman. And Mikhail Grigorenko, also a nice-sized centreman. I’m curious to know who’s the odds-on favourite is of whoever’s left of the Habs’ brass.

Again, good night. We’re right across the street from Disneyland but Luci and I are taking the day off. We’ll let our Russian visitors go crazy with Mickey Mouse while we hang out and relax and recuperate after driving 2500 kilometres in the last three days.

7 thoughts on “3rd Pick. Is That Good?”

  1. As I stated yesterday I hope the new GM trades the 1st pick for Huberdeau. Local boy that is NHL ready and what a statement it would make to fans who want a quebec player and the team would improve with a scoring winger on Pleks line. Bold moves are needed from our new GM but please leave the core in place as it very good and don’t mess with our future picks either as we need them also to restock the cupboard. Build from the bottom up with a strong management team not afraid to make daring but positive moves like dumping at least 2 contracts to Hamilton if there is no amnesty clause in the new players agreement assuming we have hockey next year(but that is a Fehr rant for another time which hopefully will not happen).

  2. Alex Galchenyuk fits the current need. Trading down two (here Burkie, Kaberle and #3 for #5) or three sports won’t return much, so the only real option is stock piling picks and a player for the #3. Glenn Healy may not think we have young players worth a hoot, but I like the kids that played this season. If we could quickly find Gainey a job somewhere, trading Gomez, Bourque, Kaberle, and a box of rocks for a couple of 3’s and 4’s would be best move. It free even more cap room for the future.

  3. The Habs need to make a trade to move up to the first spot. Especially if the Oilers plan on taking a defenceman. That way, the Habs get the top prospect the need, the Oilers get the defenceman they need plus a good player. Win-win.

    I don’t think the Panthers will give up on Huberdeau. Why trade a guy who is NHL ready and is supposed to be dynamite for someone who is further behind in development?

    I also disagree that our core is solid. This was a team that was expected to get the 8th spot, and everything went wrong. But a team that is projected to barely make the playoffs is not a good solid team. I would keep Price, and that’s about it. If the right price came along for anyone else, they’re gone. Yes, even Subban.

  4. Tom, I think there’s a strong core of about six or seven players or so. Price, PK, the Cole line, Gorges, and maybe Plekanec. I also like their newfound toughness and I think I’d even keep Staubitz. The rest can be changed up without hesitation, in my mind. But fixing three other lines and strenghtening the defence is a massive job, certainly too much. We need a young stud in the draft, either picking or trading for, and we need Gomez, Kaberle and Bourque gone, as Mike McKim said. I also like dra58’s thoughts about grabbing Huberdeau. But I do like the core and I somewhat liked what I saw from the team in the last three weeks of the season. Even Budaj seems a decent backup. If we start trading PK and anybody else except Price, any chemistry the team might have had would have to start all over again from scratch. I say change up about five guys and come in fresh with a good attitude and probably a new coach and thing’s might be fine. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. I wouldn’t trade Subban normally, but if the price was right, we’d have no other choice to.

    I’d get rid of Pleks (sucks at faceoffs, shootouts, doesn’t score enough, doesn’t make his linemates better, and makes too much money).

    A buddy of mine suggested this would be the best time to trade Cole. His value will never be higher. He just set a career high in goals at the age of 33ish. Expect a step back from him next season.

    I’d get rid of Staubitz, and sign Konopka. Konopka can bring the toughness (second in the league in fights this year), and he’s awesome on the faceoffs.

    I wrote this about Konopka on my blog:

    “Sure, you may know him from the Ottawa Senators this year, and may not realize how good Konopka is. Truth be told, the Sens don’t really need him, as Jason Spezza has above 53 per cent winning percentage. Konopka has just under 400 faceoffs taken, but has won an amazing 58.9 per cent of them.

    It’s not just a one-year thing. The year before, with the Islanders, Konopka took more than 1,000 faceoffs, and won 57.7 per cent.

    He’s an unrestricted free agent this year, and should get about $700,000. He’d be worth that easily.”

    Boom. One cheap signing, and you address two big needs (toughness and faceoffs).

  6. Until we have proper management, GM and coach in place, and having to be bilingual narrows the field considerably, I am operating under the assumption the habs will miss the playoffs next year. There is a good core here, certainly enough that we don’t have to suck like Edmonton has for years, but a huge amount of work needs to be done. The club has been decimated over the years from short term fixes and mistakes and it is going to take time, more than one off season. Draft picks and prospects need to be developed and brought along with patience. It would be nice for them to step right in and be effective immediately but it is highly unlikely that will be the case. Trading core players like Subban to hasten the process is a short sighted mistake. They should be building around these guys. ………. Don’t forget, the whole franchise needs to be rebuilt from top to bottom, no small task and certainly far more difficult with a self imposed, unrealistic time frame.

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