1982 Was A Fine Year For The Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks went on a big run in 1982, making it to the Stanley Cup final before being swept in four games by the New York Islanders. My buddy Gary Lupul, who I didn’t know at that time because I was still an easterner then, and who sadly passed away in July of 2007, played in ten playoff games that year for Vancouver, scoring two goals and adding three assists.

What a great guy Lupe was.

The 1982 Canucks playoff run also saw Vancouver coach Roger Neilson waving a white towel in mock surrender during a game he wasn’t happy about, which led to the towel craze we see in rinks around the league now.

Below, 1982 Canuck thrills and spills.

3 thoughts on “1982 Was A Fine Year For The Canucks”

  1. Hey Dennis,82 was a great year ,my Daughter was born that year as well.Although she is a Hab fan ,she will be cheering for her hometown Canucks.I can recall watching the inexperienced Canucks come up against the Islanders ,who were coming off their second cup in as many years. Richard Brodeur was just phenomenal for that playoff run.94 was a good run as well,I was at game four in the old Pacific Coliseum ,what a setting that was.I’m hoping this year they can do it ,they have the team and the Vigneault is a very good coach.Tell Gaston to root for the Canucks just for once.

  2. Hey Dennis,That is probabaly ok,I hope when he meets the wives he doesnt get a woody though.

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