1960 Chatham Maroons Face Formidable Foe

Even though the television screen says 1963, it was actually Nov. 26, 1960 when the Chatham Maroons senior squad met Moscow Select in Russia and were bombed 11-2 by the home team.

Chatham had won the Allan Cup that year, taking out the Trail Smoke Eaters, and played two exhibition games in Moscow, winning the first 5-3 before this slaughter that you see here. They also played a couple of games in Sweden, winning one 3-1 and tying 3-3.

Chatham opted out of representing Canada in the World Championships held the following year due to lack of funds and were replaced by the Smoke Eaters, who ended up winning the gold medal. I’m sure Chatham felt terrible about not going, especially after seeing the team they had handled without much difficulty go on to win the whole thing.

3 thoughts on “1960 Chatham Maroons Face Formidable Foe”

  1. What a shellacking! The Russian completely dominated that game.

    And I love that name – the Trail Smoke Eaters

    Did you know how they got it?

    “The name “Smoke Eaters” was adopted for the 1928-29 season. A Vancouver Province columnist called the Trail team “smoke-eaters” after an irate fan threw a pipe on the ice during the 1928 final against the Vancouver Monarchs. Trail’s Carroll Kendall picked up the pipe and smoked it while killing a penalty.”

    The above quote along with the colourful history and bits of trivia about the Trail Smoke eaters can be found here:


  2. Danno, my daughter lives in Nelson, not far from Trail. Trail isn’t the prettiest place in the world, it’s got a big foundry in the middle of it, but is a tremendous hockey town. Even today, they have a good senior team the Powell River Regals play sometimes. Just a real blue-collar town with great hockey. And about the game, you can see the Russians were looking good much, much earlier than 1972.

  3. The full game is available here.

    The first period was pretty even. The Canadians controlled the puck more, but the Russians had the better scoring chances, especially during a late power-play. For whatever reason the Canadian team didn’t drive the net enough whereas the Russian team did, with and without the puck. The period ended with the Selects up 1 to 0 on an early goal.

    The second period is where the debacle started. First a Chatham goal was called back. Best guess is someone outside the arena saw an offside, and could only notify the referee after the goal was scored. After that there was a quick succession of 4 Select goals, the last maybe should have been called back as the net had been knocked off. Late in the period the Maroons had some good scoring chances but uncalled slashes and hooks prevented the goals. The period ended 6 to 1.

    I didn’t watch the 3rd period.

    I do prefer the play in these old games. No dump in and chase, no chipping the puck out, the boards were barely used, no poorly aimed slap-shots. I think the entire game was played with a single puck.

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