19 Left

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Regardless of how the Canadiens do in Anaheim tonight, I won’t be writing about it. And I won’t be writing about the other remaining 18 games either.

I’m shutting down my recaps for the year, as this most pathetic of all seasons winds down.

I’ll still post on here from time to time, but I’ve had it with the recaps.

8 thoughts on “19 Left”

  1. Damn it Dennis these recaps are the only part of the season left to enjoy. *sigh* But I can’t blame you. I don’t even blog about this team anymore.

  2. Dennis-
    I understand as bad news is very depressing to write about. Relax and enjoy the Spring and Summer ahead and hopefully next season new coach and healthy team.

  3. Looking forward to the rap featuring MT and DD parting ways with Habs. Still cannot believe how this went south so fast

  4. Dennis…can’t blame you….have enjoyed all your recaps etc.
    Don’t be a stranger…come back once and awhile and regale us with more stories from the life of citizen Kane….always a treat.

  5. Dennis…have a good rest man and re-group ….got to get better next season…..DD will be back and get this team firing again on all cylinders…..kidding of course.

  6. You and all us Habs fans have all had more than from the guy who cannot coach and his gang that can’t shot straight . One question though , what to do with the inspired lyrics ?

  7. A sad post indeed but who amongst us don’t understand. I for one will miss the humour and sarcasm on a mostly daily basis.
    Lets face it after three months I can only think of three positives, we beat the Laffs twice & the Booins New Years day. Having to report negatives the rest of the time would depress anyone!!! Step away my friend and recharge the little Gray cells, there’s more to life than piss poor hockey. Cheers my Friend.

  8. Currently the Habs position gives them 9th pick in the draft…Need to be in the bottom 5 …got to get worse to get the cream…

    This is how Pittsburgh,Chicago and Florida got good…….sad fact but it is the reality of the NHL ………

    Leafs iced two 19 year olds last night from the Marlies

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