16 Left

KerryAbove, the Canadiens at their hotel in Winnipeg.

If there’s one thing we can say about the four-game road trip the Canadiens just completed, it’s that it was a four-game road trip they just completed.

Games in San Jose, Anaheim, Los Angeles, and finally Winnipeg.

They lost all four, of course.

But they looked good in their Montreal Canadiens uniforms, with that big CH on the front.

The same uniform, in fact, that good Montreal teams used to wear. The big difference is, it used to be six months of cheering. Now it’s two months of cheering and a four-month prostate examination given by Andre the Giant.

Nothing unusual about the final game of the trip against the Jets in Winnipeg, as they scored two, like they did in the other three games of the trip, and PK Subban only turned the puck over once that led to a goal.

And to add to the merriment, Brendan Gallagher suffered a lower body injury and didn’t return.

There’s only 16 games left. Can they make us proud and win one?

Random Notes:

I saw an interesting Fats Domino documentary on PBS the other day.

Alex Galchenyuk scored both Habs goals.

Next up – Tuesday, when the Dallas Stars visit Montreal. In this game, the Canadiens will try to win, and PK will try not to give the puck up.

Both tasks will be tough.


3 thoughts on “16 Left”

  1. Hey Dennis, Tough game to watch, there is no intensity, no fore owner n ?ill to get it done. The chemicals have leaked out of the test tube and into the drain. Sad to see Gallagher go down again.hopefully it isn’t to serious. Oh well there is next year right?

  2. Dennis glad to have you back!…thought you were hitting the links in good old Powell River.
    Just figured out what the PK stands for in Mr. Subban’s name…he was named after a famous Soviet hockey player who played for the KGB Enforcers…his code name was “Puck Kontrol”…..unlike comrade Subban…he rarely coughed up the puck…otherwise he be traded to the Siberian Sultans who play 12 months of the year.

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